History and the Future


I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain a little about my history in World of Warcraft and my hopes and plans for the future.

My name is Kevin and I am 28 I have played WOW for about two and a half years. I have 15 characters spread over different realms ranging from level 4 to level 85 with various ranges in between. Up until 6 months ago I never really bothered with trying to earn any gold in game unless I needed to by something when I would generally mine or herb materials to sell for what I needed.

One day I was asked by a guildie if I had any spare characters that where guild less. He then asked me if I could help move some characters around in his own personal guild banks. What followed opened my eyes to the opportunity’s available to make gold.

I helped my guildie move 3 characters in and out of his guildbanks, each one of them was 6 tabs and every one of them full of various materials to craft everything you could imagine and one of them contained 100k in gold while the other two had just under 50k. That was it my imagination had been sparked I started asking questions and enquiring. He gave me some answers and told me a few simple strategies to start with and that is pretty much where my journey started.

Between then and the end of WotLK I managed to gather 50k in liquid gold and 4 guild banks with a total of 12 tabs between them on my main realm and managed to level all the crafting professions apart from engineering and tailoring. Although I levelled all these professions I never really got the time to study the money making abilities in them all.

Now Cataclysm has hit and I have spent most of my stash of gold levelling several profession and paying for flight training on my characters that need it.

So that’s my history in a nutshell, my plans for the future are

learn every crafting profession to max level and learn where gold can be earned through these professions

my first money target is to get back to the 50k liquid gold I had before Cataclysm

my main gold target is to get to 250k gold before 2012

develop quick and easy strategies to save time and improve gold making efforts

This blog will be my way of capturing the ups and downs of this journey

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