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Hi all

So I’ve told you a little about my history and my plans for the future, before I start writing about how I’m gonna start earning my gold I thought I’d tell you what professions I have maxed since Cataclysm launched.

The first professions I maxed where my herbalist and my miner. After levelling these I made one mistake instead of selling the materials and getting a descent income for them, I saved them. When I started levelling my crafting professions the price of the raw materials have shot down to a quarter of the price they had been.

The first profession I started levelling was my Alchemist. I got him to 510 then just did transmute Living Elements everyday and a rare gems for my JC to use. I then used the left over herbs to level my alchemists second profession his Inscription I made it to 500 quite easily on this I then made some Relics for several guildies and did the Forged Documents Quest to get to 525. I have to say these two professions where fairly painless to level.

I then moved to my Jewelcrafting I learned with WotLK its time consuming to get all the patterns so I wanted to get to the stage where I could get them asap. I made the rings and neck items as much as I could any that where blue I listed on the AH and sent the rest to my enchanter ready to DE and help him. When I got to 515 I stopped levelling him and just did the fire prism every day up to max level. I know have 3 meta patterns and 8 rare patterns from the daily tokens with several tokens saved for if patch 4.0.6 drops this week. I’m not sure weather the new meta’s coming will be available via tokens or drops yet.

I then levelled my enchanting, I levelled to 460 using WotLK materials making the +40 stam to bracer enchant before working on the new cataclysm enchants. With what greens I had plus items from levelling and the JC rings and Necks I managed to get to 505 before I ran out of most materials. I then made more rings and necks on my JC and levelled up to max level.

Finally I worked on my Blacksmithing. Most of the items you can make to level up to 500 where going below material cost so I have saved these to sell later from 500 onwards I have made the PVP gear. Selling these has eased some of the cost to level.

So that basically where I am with my professions for now I have been buying savage leather when the prices have been reasonable to work on my Leatherworking but haven’t started on that yet.


  1. #1 by Tyr on 31/01/2011 - 5:30 pm

    The new meta recipes will be world drops if you’re still unsure.

    I’ve been having the same issue with insane leather prices. I poured about 4k into it but decided to wait for the prices to drop to continue. Getting to 510 was a real pain with the lack of orange recipe. =(

    Sounds like you have a pretty nice setup with your profs. =D

  2. #2 by wragstoriches on 31/01/2011 - 7:17 pm

    Ty for your comment Tyr

    I have since found out the new Meta’s are world drops 🙂 will be keeping a close eye on the Auction House.

    I have also been buying up cheep Savage Leather i currently have 50 stacks that i managed to buy for 3g per piece there normally 6g to 7g per piece so i will be looking at my Leatherworking soon.

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