The Shuffle

Hi all

One of the main ways I will be using to build up my wealth again in WOW is by using my Jewelcrafting to do the Obsidium shuffle. This follows the same principals as the Saronite Shuffle in WotLK but there a few key points to know.

Obsidium Ore when prospected yields 6 Uncommon Gems on average

The cut vendor price of a Cataclysm Uncommon Gem is 9g

Therefore the floor price for Obsidium Ore is 54g

The floor price is the highest possible gold you can earn by vendoring what you can craft with a material.

So what does the Shuffle entail

Basically you take Obsidium Ore and Prospect it, giving you Uncommon Gems and the chance of Rare gems.

Once you have done this you have several options.

You can sell the gems uncut

You can cut the gems and sell them

You can turn then in to Meta Gems with a Alchemist

Or make them in to rings and neck pieces by adding Jewellers Settings to be disenchanted.

Obviously what you do depends on the prices on your realms AH and the amount of time you want to invest in maximising your return. But how do you know how much your return will be I here you thinking.

The answer to that lies in this spreadsheet. All you need to do is change the relevant values to those of your realm and it will show you the ways to make a return on your investment for quick or maximum return.

The spreadsheet was developed by Sterling and others of  The Consortium and all plaudits should go to them.


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