Bargains Bargains Bargains

Hi all

So its now the weekend and many players have more time to play, farm, craft. Now is the time to keep your eyes peeled for those bargains to be had.

You will often see adverts in trade early in the evening, even if you don’t mange to get the goods its worth trying to form a relationship with the people advertising, who knows you may find a reliable farmer, or at the least that person may remember you next time they have goods to sell.

The best place to look though is often the auction house. The best times I have found for looking for bargains are late at night or first thing in the morning. Generally from around 11pm to 7 am, what happens is a more casual player doesn’t always know the going rate for a commodity, they’ve had there fun and are ready to log off for the night. They run to the auction house and post there goods and log off. This is good for crafters and greedy goblins as you can often buy the materials you need for the week for 2/3’s of the price or less than you’d pay during the week.

I would suggest trying to form a relationship with people you buy materials off the auction house just the same as you would someone in trade. Knowing when and how many materials you will receive is great for setting your profit margain on any finished goods you may want to sell.


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