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Before I go any further with my blog I thought I best take stock of all materials and gold I have on my characters and list there profession for the readers and document it so I can keep a accurate record of where my income is coming from. I will be using a addon called Auditor to track my progress. This addon can be found at and has several neat features I will write a post on this addon shortly.

All my low level characters will have at least one gathering profession as the extra xp while levelling is fantastic.

So in alphabetical order here are my characters and there professions and guild contents.

Brothergrimm Dwarf Paladin lvl 40 Mining 200 / Skinning 225 ( guild leader ) personal guild 1, 3 tabs

Celestreal Dwarf Shaman lvl 10 Enchanting 10 / Herbalism 40 ( guild leader ) personal guild 2, 3 tabs

Epidermuss Dwarf DK lvl 75 Alchemy 450 / Inscription 450 ( guild leader ) personal guild 3, 3 tabs

Gongrim Dwarf Warrior lvl 85 Blacksmithing 450 / Enchanting 450 ( officer ) social guild, use of 6 tabs

Virtues Dwarf Priest lvl 30 / Tailoring 225 ( guild leader ) personal guild, 5 tabs

Vitality Night Elf Druid lvl 82 Herbalism 450 / Leatherworking 490 ( member ) social guild, same as Gongrim

Vorek Dwarf Hunter lvl 83 Mining 450 / Jewelcrafting 450 ( member ) social guild, same as Gongrim

So all In all I have 14 tabs of personal guild space and the use of an extra 6 tabs in the social guild I belong too. I currently have 2 tabs full of the varying cloth, 2 tabs full of varying herbs, 2 tabs worth of varying ores and bars, 1 tabs of inks and 1 tab of enchanting materials, another 3 tabs are taken up by various finished goods, scrolls, elementals, eternals, volatiles etc, and the last few are pretty empty at the minute.

In the mailbox between my character I also have 215 stacks of Obsidium Ore bought at a average price of just 40g, and 35 stacks of savage leather bought at 60g a stack. The average going rate of the ore is 80g a stack and leather is 120g a stack, so I have several options to use these.

In total I have just over 22K in liquid gold spread over my characters you can see in the image the way its divided. I am hoping to post a progress report every week or fortnight I’m not quite sure yet, with a breakdown of where the money come from.


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