Stack sizes


Does stack size really matter ? This will all depend on your perspective but in the end the answer is probably NO.

One thing it will do if you sell your goods smart and in correct sizes is enable you to command a slightly higher price compared to a single piece. Good examples of this are

– Jasper, Zephryte, etc when they are needed for the JC daily. Sell in stacks of 3

– Volatile Life stacks of 15 or multiple of this for the daily Living Elements transmute

– Volatile Fire, Water in stacks of 10 or multiples for Blacksmiths to make the PVP gear

– Pyrium Bars in stacks of 3 for the Truegold transmute

And there’s many more. What your aiming to do is play on people’s laziness. Some people want to get in and out of the Auction House as fast as they can so by offering them the commodities they need in the stack sizes they need your generating extra sales and income. So think about it next time your listing your goods.

What do you think ? Do you mind clicking to buy an item 10 times if its cheaper than the stack size you need or do you buy the item at the stack size you want.


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