Today I’d like to talk a nifty little addon I use that helps me track my expense’s and incoming gold.  That addon is called Auditor and for people who like to keep an eye on what their spending and whats coming in this is perfect and is very customizable, lets look at what the author has to say about it first

Auditor is a nifty addon that tracks your incoming and outgoing money from a variety of sources, and provides an easy to use Data Broker interface to choose whose data you would like to look at, and for what time period “

Any budding or experienced auctioneer will know and tell you that controlling and knowing your costs is key to a successful venture, and this addon helps you by tracking all your sources of income and expenditure and separates all these out. You can set this addon to display just character information or every characters information.

The main strength of this addon for me is the way you can custonize it to your needs, you can track your spending and out going’s by Session, Day, Week, or Total. you can also set the time that it refresh’s, so this could be midnight or at the same time as dailies reset, or any other time you want it to be.

As well as the length of time you want to track you can customize what information your tracking. This addon has the ability to track Loot, Vendor, Quest, Trade, Mail, Auction House, Training, Flights, Repairs, reconciliation, Unknown, Guild Bank, and LFG.

So thats auditor, I would recommend it top anyone with an interest in where the spending and income comes from, and its one of my favourite addons and you can find it here


  1. #1 by Zathanos on 18/02/2011 - 3:35 am

    Thanks for this addon link. I’ve been using the MySales addon, but this sounds like it is going to have a lot more functionality to it. I’m about to log in to check it out now.


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