Profit & Loss Day 7


So its 7 days since I posted my original stock and gold level and I though I’d write about my progress this week.

I’ve had a rather busy week in real life including a wedding reception and a leaky pipe that needed fixing so I’ve not had that much play time. But despite this I am surprised that I managed to make just short of 10k in gold

The final total was 9856g 69s 83c I only used three of my professions this week, and the vast majority of it was with just one my Jewelcrafting.

I prospected 100 stacks of the Obsidium Ore I already possessed. 30 stacks where made into rings, necks and carnelian spikes for Disenchanting, another 30 stacks where transmuted with my alchemist to meta gems I had a few procs and ended up with 27 metas. Another 10 stacks where re listed at 80g per stack twice the price I got them for, and the rest where prospected to sell cut or uncut.

Interestingly the jewelcrafting dailies only required gems twice this week the rest where mainly the Stardust quest.

Besides my Jewelcrafting I did my Living Elements transmute everyday. I only did it in Stormwind not travelling to get either a Volatile Air or Fire proc as these are the highest priced Volatiles. Out of the 7 transmutes I received 2 Volatile Water 2 Volatile Fire and 3 Volatile Earth.

Other than these I found 20 cheap stacks of Cinderbloom and milled these. I received 55 Blackfallow Ink and 9 Inferno Ink. I sold all the Inferno ink @ 140g each and used 30 of the Blackfallow Ink to make Mysterious Fortune Cards. Selling them at 20g a pop.

Overall I’m quite please with my progress this week considering the amount of time I have played, hopefully I can improve on this next week.

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  1. #1 by kourtnie on 20/02/2011 - 3:57 am

    your good

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