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Zoxy of has asked for entries to a competition he is running, you can see details here so this got me thinking of the sites forums, pages, podcasts, that I enjoyed reading, listening too and getting information from. Here a list of some of my favourite posts or threads on websites and forums. All these posts got me thinking on how i could improve what I’m doing or want to do, whether it was levelling professions, or queuing and crafting goods to sell on the AH or just looking for bargains to sell to vendors or for resale.

These posts in particular helped me open my thought processes to ways of doing things and finding strategies that work for me. I could probably list hundreds of posts I found helpful in some way or form but I fear that the details would get lost in all the links.

One thing I would like to talk quickly about though to any budding auctioneer or greedy Goblin is research. Knowing the market for any item you want to craft and sell including costs and sale amounts for your realm will give you a real head start. This is where the gold blogosphere will really help by doing your research and reading posts and forums you can avoid jumping in blind and making mistakes and getting your fingers burned.

Aswell well as the list of you blogs will find in the blogroll you will find on my home page there are a few other places I like to browse through and read. These include

It is worth browsing the official forums occasionally as they is often a hidden gem among the many posts

Aswell as the forums and Blogs available there a re a few podcasts these can be found on iTunes or on the own pages

I often find hearing other people idea or take on strategies helps me find a better way of doing thing or improving what I’m doing.

Well I hope you liked reading through some of my favourite posts, please remember the archives of all the blogs or forums you visit there is a lot of great work put out their in the Gold Blogosphere and it can all help you


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