Profit and Loss day 21


So here we are at the end of week 3 I have a had a very busy week in my personal life but I am very pleased with the week I have had in wow auctioneering. I managed to get on most days and go through my routine for selling my wares and managed to level my druid through half of Deepholme so I’m sitting at 83 1/2 on him, and that’s about it.

This week i have made 25886g 48s 69c which leaves me at 75875g 94s 70c in Liquid Gold. This is an increase of 7951g 83s 17c on last week.  Again my Jewelcrafting made me my largest profit bringing in a little over 16.5k  I used up the last of my stockpiles of cheap Obsidium Ore I had. The Market for Obsidium Ore and Elementium Ore have both risen steadily over the week they have been sitting at a little over 100g each per stack which is about 25% more than it has been sitting at before and it has stayed pretty constant at this price. This week the Jewelcrafting dailies have been largely the ones that need gems for a change with 3 Zephyrite 2 Jasper and 1 Nightstone so the markets for these three gems have been inflated to around 35g per uncut gems. This helped me make several sales and the market for rare cuts is improving as a the days go by. I did sell one of these  for 6k too.

I did the Daily Living Elements transmute on my alchemist and received Volatile Earth 4 times and volatile Water 3 times. The markets on the Volatiles have all contracted in this past week or so with Volatile Life and Water now sitting between 9g and 12g, Volatile Earth is around 15g and Volatile Air and Fire 18g to 20g.  Rather than sell the volatiles i have sent the water to my Leatherworker and the Earth to my Blacksmith to use to craft.

With my Inscription i have been selling my Mysterious Fortune Cards again, one of the people on my realm who make Darkmoon Faire Cards has decided to dump a load of his Blackfallow Ink stocks in to these and crashed the price on them down to below 10g per card at one point. After several conversations with this person and quietly monitoring him through guildies friends lists it appears he plays for a large portion of the day sometimes up to 12hrs a day. He also lists in large quantities mainly 30 singles 10 of 10’s and 2 stacks of 100 at a time. After seeing this for a couple of days and trying to talk him in to either raise his prices to where they where prior or selling all his stock  which he declined, I set about crafting 500 Mysterious Fortune Cards i distributed them between a few of my guildies and we all undercut him my 1c just listing 10 every time he listed all at a various times during the day. His first stacks he pulled where the 100 stacks splitting them down to singles and 10’s then he stopped relisting in 10’s. After a day of this the price was down to 7g 50s ish per single roughly. At this stage they stopped relisting, through doing this it appears this character has about 500 cards crafted at any one time and 7g 50 is their floor price, I probably lost around 500g during this exercise but the following day when I logged on the price had been reset back to around 15 per single. After a bit of barking in trade I had sold these oddments and had reraised the price to 20g per card, and since then the prices have stayed pretty fairly between 17g 50 and 20g.

On my Leatherworking I have been selling my leg armour’s, the rare Cata ones the savage and heavy savage kits and all the WotLK ones I have also managed to sell a few Savage cloak at 40g each with a cost price of 21g to make  After carefully looking in to the  Leatherworking market it appears there is a market for the pvp gear but there is deep undercutting going on between pairs of players. I suspect some of this gear is being bought to fill in odd pieces of characters gear to get their ilvl up above 329 where they can run heroics.  The dragonscales which are used in a fair few of the patterns of currently going at 20g per scale so i will be looking at ways to get these cheaper the leather itself has been steady at around 4g per savage and 30g per piece of heavy I haven’t seen many Pristine Hides listed but the ones i have seen have been listed at 500g each or there about’s. I suspect this may be a way of getting some gold converting 10 Heavy Leather for a Pristine hide at the vendor in the Twilight Highlands.

Lastly we have my Blacksmithing, I said last week that the markets on goods made to level seem to be resetting themselves as the goods are sold off and this has continued to be true there is a difference of about 7.5% of the price of materials and sell price of the finished goods but this is rising steadily. One market I have made quite a few sales in is the Ebonsteel Belt Buckles I made a stack of twenty of these at a cost price of 125g each they have nearly all sold between 275g and 300g each. One other item I have had success with this week is the Pyrium Weapon chain I have sold 5 of these this week at 75 each and has a measly cost of one Pyrium Bar to craft. Besides these i have sold several of the Bloodied Pyrium gear i have concentrated on the Boots, Chests, Head, and  Legs as these have the least competition. I also managed to sell two so these lesser weapons may be worth looking at on your realms.

Overall I am very pleased with the amount of gold I have made through my auctions despite the lack of play time I have had recently. One thing I will be doing over the coming weeks is to try and finds some good suppliers of the various Cataclysm Herbs, Ores and Volatiles so I can step up my presence is various markets while continuing to level my lower level alts.


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