One final push

Hi all

So over the last couple of days I finally found the time to finish levelling my druid to 84 and start the quest chain so I can open up the vendors in Twilight Highlands, so I can max out my Leatherworking.

He was sitting at 502 skill and the 500 to 510 skill level was one of the worst to work through as the patterns you could use where all green. Thankfully in patch 4.0.6 blizzard decide to make a few changes here and made them last as yellow till 510.

So to get to 510 I made 3 the other option would have been these two recipes on my realm are currently selling on average for around 50g this is no where near the material cost to produce these I suspect they will be a big back log of these that people have made to level before the recipe level change and are currently just trying to get some gold back for them. I don’t think I will bother selling these at the minute I will probably equip one for my Druid and one for my Hunter they are better than what they are wearing and will help to get their ilvl up a little.

For the next stage of levelling what you make is PVP gear but you have several choices here, you can make leather or mail gear.

Leather Gear

Bloodied Leather – Feral Druids, Rogues

Bloodied Wrymhide – Balance & Resto Druids

Mail Gear

Bloodied Scale – Resto & Elemental Shamans

Bloodied Dragonscale – Hunters & Enhancement Shamans

So after browsing through the currently available PVP gear on the auction house and judging price and availability, the types with the least competition and highest prices on my realm were Bloodied Leather and Bloodied Dragonscale. After looking through the recipes I decided to make the Bloodied Leather gear, this is purely down to the fact the few times I have been in Battlegrounds i have noticed more Rogues and Druids than Shamans and Hunters, so i figured i’d be able to make sales here.

Between 510 and 515 i made three these take 10 Heavy Savage leather and 10 Volatile Fire and currently sell for between 350g and 400g with only a couple listed. I actually sold one of these just after I had listed one.

For the next stage from 515 to 520 I made These take 10 Heavy Savage Leather and 10 Volatile Fire the same as the gloves. The other option for me at that stage would have been the Bloodied Leather Shoulders but there was 10 of these listed and at current market prices they would have just made me my gold back from the cost of making them.

Lastly to get from 520 to 525 I made three .At two point per craft these has a material cost of 10 Heavy Savage Leather and 10 Volatile Water. They have a sell price averaging 450g.

After I’d levelled up to 525 I also picked up the two leg armour recipe’s and these are selling for 800g average with a materials cost of around 650g. Overall I spent a little over 2k to level from 500 to 525 but by the end of the week I think I should have made that back by selling the finished goods.

So that was my Leatherworking story I am currently working on finding a good source of leather and scales, so we’ll see how that goes over the next few weeks


  1. #1 by Nev on 02/03/2011 - 9:11 am

    gratz on maxing your LW – I managed this a week or so ago, very much along the same route as yourself. I have a rogue at 85 so I picked the Agi leather gear too. My guildmate has a hunter so she went down the Agi mail route but she’s having trouble selling her stuff for some reason 😦

    I ended up getting the recipes for the whole set but I’m finding the most sales are boots & bracers.

    For the Cloak of beasts – I check the price of heavenly shards then buy the cloak from the AH to disenchant – there are so many being made that the price is often lower than the shard price!

    • #2 by wragstoriches on 02/03/2011 - 10:05 am

      That is a strategy I have looked at unfortunately on my realm the price of shards make this not worth DEing at the minute but things like this are always worth keeping an eye on

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