Jewelcrafting cuts and you


In Cataclysm currently you learn a lot of the uncommon (green) quality cuts from a trainer with some learn able through world drops. The rare (blue) quality cuts you learn from a vendor in exchange for tokens you receive by doing the dailies in your faction capital ie. Stormwind, Orgrimmar. These cuts all cost three tokens, you can also buy meta cuts 4 tokens and ring and neck patterns from the same vendor at the cost of 5 tokens.

So with Cataclysm being 3 months old now and patch 4.1 on the ptr and it being confirmed that the next stage of raiding will be implemented in patch 4.2 its safe to assume it’ll be a couple of months at least before the epic tier of gems are released. I won’t speculate where the gems will come from just yet or what the price of the patterns will be, but the up to date patchnotes can be found here

So with saying all this I thought now would be a good time to take stock of what gem cuts I have now and what gem cuts I’d like get. So far I have

Blue – Rigid, & Solid
Green – Lightning, Nimble, Puissant, & Regal
Orange – Adept, Reckless, & Skillful
Purple – Glinting, & Purified
Red – Bold, Brilliant, & Delicate
Yellow – Fractured, Mystic, & Quick

Meta – Austere, Bracing, Chaotic, Ember & Revitalizing

In total that comes to 71 tokens has most of the straight stat gems covered that are popular and several mixed stat gems that are popular.

Before I cover what other gem cuts I want I will go over how I decide which gem cuts to buy first. The first cuts I buy will be high frequency gems that are single stat one of each colour Blue, Red & Yellow, then I will get one of each of the multi stat gems Green, Orange, & Purple. Once I have one of each colour cut I will get two popular Meta cuts then get more single stat gems before mixed stat gems and more meta’s. But how do you decide which gems to get I can here you thinking, well firstly it come’s from a bit of experience and secondly from research.

During WotLK I didn’t learn Jewelcrafting till 6 months before the end of the expansion before I power levelled it I went to then wrote down the top gem cuts for every class and spec in game and talied them up. I also went to and wrote down the most popular cuts for class and spec their and talied them against each other. Giving me a list of cuts that where popular aswell as this I went to to find out the class numbers on my realm as wowpopular is a running total not realm specific

Now I had all this information I took the list I had and noted down the numbers of these gem cuts that where listed on the auction house once in the morning, once in the afternoon, once in the evening, then last thing at night before I logged off. I also noted down the names of the characters who listed and the prices of the lowest and highest. This gave me a lot of information to digest then from there I picked the cuts to buy and in what order.

If you are on a American server you have one more thing you can do, that is to go to here you can find sales and price history on any product. From what I’ve heard from auctioneers on american realms this is a unmissable tool to use.

When it come to cataclysm’s release the theory crafters had, had a few weeks to work on optimum gems and talent builds etc so I read through the forums again and compared the gems to my list for WotLK then added some to give me another list of gems I want. I have continued to buy them in the same format as I did during WotLK. The following is list of gems I would like to buy next

Blue – Sparkling, & Stormy
Green – Sensie’s, & Zen
Orange – Adept, Artful, Deadly, Fine, Polished, & Resolute
Purple – Accurate, Defender’s, Etched, Guardian’s, Shifting, & Sovereign
Red – Flashing, & Precise
Yellow – Smooth, & Subtle

Meta – Eternal, & Fleet

To buy all these I would need to do the Jewelcrafting daily another 68 times which is roughly 10 weeks, I expect patch 4.1 will have launched within this time and we will have news on patch 4.2 by then and maybe even the epic quality gems, so I’ll probably do the dailies for week then purchase my patterns then.

Well that’s how I choose and select my patterns how do you selct yours ?


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