Profit and Loss week 5


So here we are 35 days in since I started blogging about my gold making efforts, indexing my weekly progress. At the end of this week I sit on 104427g 44s 14c liquid gold that means I gained 16236g 66s 88c which is a increase on last week of roughly 4k and the first time I have amassed over 100,000g.

On my jewelcrafter I have listed my regular cuts, if you read here you will see the cuts I currently have and the cuts I would like to have. When I have listed my gems this week I have noticed a drop in the amount of sales but there hasn’t been a drop in the amount listed or price. I have also noticed a drop in the sales on my leg armors I craft with my Leatherworker. I believe this could be because of lack of drops from raids and people gearing up through heroics or the fact people have nearly geared there mains up at this stage and haven’t started on their alts yet.

On the jewelcrafting daily front we have had the stardust one 4 times this week, the elemental goo one twice and the nightstone daily once, so the prices on uncut uncommon gems have dropped this week to around the 12g mark.

On my Alchemist I have continued with my Living Elements transmute this week I have received 3 Volatile Earth, 3 Volatile Water, and 1 Volatile Fire. I have saved these and sent them to my other characters to use again, so I have a few saved up now to use.

With my scribe I have used up a few of my old snowfall inks and eternal lifes and made a batch of 60 WotLK darkmoon cards. I ended up with enough cards to make 2 nobles decks 1 chaos deck and 1 prism’s deck. I listed the decks for a few times before I received a in game mail asking to buy 3 of them. I sold the 2 nobles and 1 chaos deck as a bulk deal for 3500g the prisms deck sold aswell on it own and a few of the cards have sold. I expect a few more to sell during the darkmoon faire this next week.

On this character I also expanded my guild storage, I had 3 tabs and I have bought another 2, so I now have 5 on him.

Last week I mentioned that I was going to look at streamlining how I list my auctions with add-ons. I used to use Quick Auction’s 3 during WotLK to sell glyphs I am going to start to get back in to this market. This addon stopped working at the end of WotLK and the author of this addon has created a new one called Trade Skill Master, I will be taking a closer look at this in the coming weeks. But due to lack of time at the minute I decided to use Auction Profit Master which is a spin off from QA3 I quickly added all my gems and leg armors to there own groups and decided to start with a few glyphs I made all the DK Druid and Hunter glyphs. I sent them off to my priest Virtues who is based in Ironforge and set about listing them once a day for now. Since I started listing them on saturday I have made just over 4k on them, and all these glyphs where crafted from stocks held since WotLk. During the time I have had I have been trying to find a good supplier of herbs but I haven’t had much luck yet. I will be looking in to this and seeing what my best course of action will be to get a good supply of them.

I haven’t done anything with my Blacksmith or Enchanter this week as he has been out and about levelling his archaeology, I currently have the fossilised raptor pet and a mug that makes 4 dwarfs dance round me and a relic of argus that acts as a random hearthstone. Hopefully I will get the mount by the time I max it out I am currently at 450/525.

Well that’s my week at the Auction House, hopefully all yours have been as profitable.


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