Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


So here we are three months in to Cataclysm. I have been watching the markets for farmed goods and the ores and herbs seem fairly steady with a difference of about 15g between midweek and weekend prices.

The market for leather is a bit more erratic with savage leather ranging from 3g to 10g in the last week and heavy ranging from 20g to 50g and the scales you can use have been from 20g upward with one day their being 20 different auctions up and the next only 3. The pristine hides seem to be fairly stable with similar numbers ported daily but the price ranges from 350g per midweek to 275g per at the weekend.

Now on my druid I have Leatherworking and herbalism. I levelled this character in the four week before WotLK ended, and the herbalism has been very useful at the beginning of Cataclysm where the prices where running at 500g plus for a stack of herbs. Now originally i had planned to drop herbalism for Engineering but with the eraticness of the leather and scale market over the last week at least I am wondering weather it would be wiser to level Skinning up on my druid for now. This will at least give me the option of farming the scales or leather I need till the market really settles as I haven’t found any reliable sources yet.

So what do you think, wait it out for a little while longer, switch to Skinning, or jump straight to Engineering.


  1. #1 by Nev on 12/03/2011 - 1:31 pm

    I’d go with skinning – I originally had skin/LW on my pally but once she hit 80, I needed titanium/titansteel & max level LW at that point, didn’t use a lot of leather either. Now however, max LW does use a lot of leather so I’m guessing there will always be a pretty good demand for it. I re-levelled my skinning recently & it’s really not so bad 🙂 Engineering on the other hand is a nightmare & I’m not sure it’s the best moneymaker either.

    Having said that – a druid herbalist is the best type ‘cos you don’t shapeshift to pick herbs so I’m not sure I would drop herbing anyway. What are your other alts/options – maybe there’s a better combo elsewhere to think about?

    • #2 by wragstoriches on 12/03/2011 - 2:32 pm

      These are the combo’s I have now

      Warrior 85 – BS & Ench
      Hunter 84 – JC & Mining
      Druid 84 – LW & Herbalism
      DK 75 – Alch & Inscription

      All at max level

      Pally 42 – Mining and Skinning

      My last option would be to power level my pally

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