Profit and Loss weeks 6 & 7


So this is my round up of week 6 and 7,  my liquid wealth for week 6 ended on 99666g 85s 72c this is the first time i have made a loss and I ended up losing 4760g 58s 42c for the week. This is the first time I have made a loss but i will explain where that has come from.

I started my week listing my regular items the leg armors from my Leatherworker and the gems off my Jewelcrafter. I was making steady sales around the usual level for a weekday. My warrior was off finishing up his archaeology and I was considering switching out herbing for skinning on my druid. Then the weekend rolled round I logged on early saturday morning and was doing my usual mail checking before I head to the AH to re list what hadn’t sold and craft and list what had sold.

Once I’d scanned and before I started crafting I checked the prices of the common trade goods I use, I found 50 stacks of Cinderbloom at 20g a stack which is half the usual price and 102 stacks of Obsidium ore at 44g per stack. This was a good start to the weekend as the rest of the ore was listed at 90g + per stack.

Over the course of the rest of the weekend I manage to pick up a total of 6620 Obsidium ore this equates to 331 full stacks, adding up all the prices for the stacks I bought it comes to a average price of 42g 57s 96c . The lowest I bought some for was 36g and the highest was 48g per stack in total my outlay was 14093g 84s 76c for the Obsidium ore.

Also as well as the Obsidium and Cinderbloom over the course of the weekend I managed to pick up 20 stacks of Elementium bar at 1g50s a bar and 12 stacks of whiptail at 38g a stack both well below there usual value. In total I spent 15849g 84s 70c on materials.

Other than spending lots I managed to complete the jewelcrafting daily everyday this week we had the Jasper and Zephryte daily twice each, the elemental goo daily twice and the stardust daily once. On my alchemist I got him summoned to Uldam from Dalaran and did the daily living elements transmute there to proc the Volatile Air. Other than this I didn’t really do much on my characters.

Week 7

As I wrote in my apologies post I didn’t managed to do anything this week as I managed to catch the flu and sickness bug that I had managed to avoid all winter


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