Profit and Loss weeks 8, 9, & 10


So its been a few weeks since I last wrote a post I’d just like to say sorry again to my readers for the lack of posts, but I have had rather a chaotic last few weeks. With changes in work and personal schedules which left me unable to commit any time to World of Warcraft and a accident involving my laptop leaving me computer less for several days. Thankfully now things have settled down and a bit of order has been restored to proceedings.

So over the last three weeks I have only managed to get in game on 5 separate occasions during my brief time in WOW all I really did was clear my mail from all characters to make sure nothing got lost if I was unable to log in for a long period and do the Jewelcrafting daily on that day. The five dailies I did included 2 Zephryte, 1 Jasper, 1 Elemental Goo and 1 Stardust.

Having an enforced break from WOW has allowed me to think about what I would like to do with my characters and rethink my current goals. These are what I’d like to work towards in the next month or so.


    Gear up my Feral druid spec on Vitality for Tanking
    Gear up my Warrior Gongrim for Tanking and Fury DPS
    Level my priest to level 55 so I can start making Netherweave bags with the tailoring.
    Get a Winterspring Saber before the rep grind changes in 4.1

Those few things should keep me occupied for a while, then in a month I will take a step back and review what new goals I’d like to set for myself.


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