Meta’s on my mind


So with all the Obsidium Ore I have stockpiled and various rumours shooting around about the vendor price of cut uncommon gems changing in patch 4.1. I have decided to prospect some Obsidium Ore to convert in to meta gems. The cuts I currently own go for between 180g to 250g each depending on cut and time of the week and uncut meta’s go for between 150g and 175g. So the median of the cut prices is 215g and uncut is 162g 50s so for every meta I make, cut and sell that would cover the cost of 5 stacks of Ore, if I sold them all uncut each meta would cover the cost of 3.5 stacks of Ore and every rare gem I gain would be extra gold on top.

On a side note if the changes do go through that have been noticed on the PTR I will have a extra night to get rid of any uncommon gems as I reside in England and play on the EU realms so I should be able to get the price confirmed before we get our maintenance and get the better vendor price for any unused gems.


When I started prospecting I emptied all my current gems from my bags and took 50 stacks of Ore out of the mail. In total I prospected 150 stacks of Ore which is roughly half of what I have stockpiled. The following are the totals for each 50 prospects and final total for all 150 prospects.

Alicite. = 63, 49, 45 = 157
Carnelian = 58, 54, 54 = 166
Hessonite = 42, 44, 45 = 131
Jasper = 56, 56, 62 = 174
Nightstone = 39, 49, 51 = 139
Zephryte = 44, 54, 45 = 143
Total = 302, 306, 302 = 910

Amberjewel = 4, 4, 2 = 10
Demonseye = 1, 6, 4 = 11
Dream Emerald = 2, 1, 4 = 7
Ember Topaz = 1, 2, 1 = 4
Ocean’s Sapphire = 4, 1, 2 = 7
Inferno Ruby = X, 1, 1 = 2
Total = 12, 15, 14 = 41

So after all that prospecting I ended up with 910 uncommon gems worth 8190g if I cut and vendored them, and about 500g worth of rare gems at current prices for rare uncut gems.

With the balance of the gems I received I could do the meta transmute 43 times using 129 of each uncommon gem. Which would have given me a minimum of 86 meta gems before any transmute specialisation procs. If they all sold at the median uncut value I would make 13,975g minus the 5% AH fee. If they all sold at the median cut price I would make 18,490g minus the 5% AH fee.

Once I’d prospected everything and sent the required gems to my Alchemist and transmuted them to meta’s I actually ended up with 111 raw shadowspirit diamonds. Also after the transmutes I was left with 136 gems if I took the vendor price I would make 1224g cutting and vendoring them.

So that should leave my gold stocks replenished and leave me with just over half of my Ore still in stock. So that leaves me with the decision of what to do with the rest of it


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