Skinning for a living


A while ago I was considering dropping herbalism for skinning on my druid, this was due to the erratic pricing and quantities available of leather and scales needed to craft items, and the steady stable decline of prices for herbs. Well on Sunday I bit the bullet and dropped herbalism I picked up a cheap pair of vendor clothes and put the gathering enchant on it.

I took my druid to Ironforge learnt skinning and head out in to Dun Morough, starting at Steelgrill’s Depot I worked my way down towards Gol’Bolor Quarry killing and skinning the wolfs, boars, and bears. By the time I had made my way down there and back I was level 62 in skinning so I headed back to Ironforge to train Journeyman Skinning.

Once I’d trained I headed off to the flight point and flew to Thelsamor. From here I killed the bears around here and made my way down in to the dried up Loch killing the crocolisks on the way before making my way up the other side of the Loch towards Farstriders Lodge. From here I flew back to Ironforge and trained Expert Skinning.

I now went to Menethil Harbour and the Wetlands. From Menethil I headed north east towards the greenwardens grove stopping at the Ravasour encampments quickly rounding them up and killing and skinning them. By this time I’d quickly suppased level 150, when I reached Greenwarden’s Grove I headed north killing the Whelps circling back round a couple of times until I had reached level 202 skinning when I went back to learn Artisan Skinning in Ironforge.

The next stop on my skinning extravaganza was Stranglethorn Vale. I flew to the rebel camp then made my way south picking up the new flight paths added in Cataclysm. My target where the Elder Mistvale Gorilla’s when I got to the spot I was pleasantly surprised to see someone had recently cleared the area and I was able to skin all the dead gorilla’s, my skinning level quickly rose to 235. From here I headed further south to Booty Bay and I caught the boat from here to Ratchet in Kalimdor.

For the next stage of my journey I went to Tanaris and worked my way from Gadgetzan south towards Dunemaul Compound Killing the scorpids and Basilisks before working my way back up to Gadgetzan, my skill level quickly rose to 270 so I switched in to swift flight form and flew across the desert and down in to the jungle of Ungoro Crater. I headed straight to the Gorilla cave and made one full pass of the outside and inside the cave and my skill level quickly rose to 300. So I hearthed back to Ironforge then jumped through the portal to the blasted lands and headed for the Dark Portal to Outlands.

Once I’d gone through the portal I took the flight path to honor hold to start the next part of my skinning adventure. I started killing the Hellboars in front of Honor Hold and worked my way round towards the Expedition armoury. From here I worked my way towards the path through to Terrokar Forest killing and skinning the Ravagers. By the time I was done here I was level 332 in skinning so I headed off to Nagrand. Starting at the Nessingwsary Expedition working west towards the Ogre compound I killed the Talbuks and Clefthoofs that roam the plains of nagrand, my skill level quickly rose to 375 and my next stop was Northrend.

After hearthing back to Ironforge I flew to Stormwind then caught the boat to the Borean Tundra. After landing I flew straight up to the plains above the keep and started rounding up the packs of rhino’s, before I new it I was at level 400 in skinning so headed off to Scholazar Basin. My destination was the packs of Gorillas that are found behind Frenzyheart Hill and at the side of The Skyreach Pillar. After a couple of passes up and down the area I had reached level 450 and I was ready to start skinning some cataclysm areas.

After training Illustrious Grand Master Skinning I used my Teleport Moonglade spell then caught the flight point to Mount Hyjal. I was going to Sethria’s Roost, the mobs you can kill here drop the Black Dragonscales you can use to make leg armours as well as Savage Leather. I stayed here and levelled all the way to 525 finishing up with 47 scales and plenty of Leather, in total I spent just over 4 hours levelling my skinning up just casually and steadilly plodding along. I reckon this could be done in 3 hours or less if you concentrated and really stuck to task.


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