So a few weeks ago there was a bit of furore in the gold blogging scene about the vendor price of cut uncommon gems on the PTR after a piece of information was found by the data miners at MMO Champion. Currently in live you can sell them to the Vendor for 9g, on the PTR they where 75s.

Well over the last couple of days after reading at it has come apparent that the PTR is now a release candidate. Now the PTR could still change and blizzard does make changes to release candidate patches up to the last minute, so what does this mean for the Jewelcrafting market ?

The first thing I did is go to the official blizzard forums and read through the patch notes that can be found there. After reading through them all a couple of times I saw no mention of the price change in the patch notes. Now any one who has played WOW for a while will know Blizzard doesn’t always write every change they make in there patch notes. So where still no nearer to knowing weather the data mined changes will make it to live.

Here is what we do know,

– cut uncommon gems on live servers sell for 9g to the vendor.

– uncut uncommon gems on live servers sell for 5g to the vendor.

– because of the vendor price of cut uncommon gems the floor price of Obsidium Ore is 54g so you get guaranteed profit on any ore below that price.

– cut uncommon gems sell for 75s to a vendor on the PTR.

– uncut uncommon gems still sell for 5g to a vendor on the PTR

So after looking through what we know if the undocumented changes do make it to live this will give us a new floor price of 30g for Obsidium Ore because you will still be able to get a guaranteed 5g per gem uncut from the vendor.

So now we know what the prices will be if the changes go through we can look at other ways to use the uncommon gems to make gold.

– we can use 3 of each colour gem to make a Fire Prism once a day, this gives us a chance at any or multiple of the rare gems and a chance at a chimera’s eye.

– we can continue to craft Jasper rings, Alicite pendants, Nightstone chokers, and Carnellian spikes to disenchant for dusts and essences. To sell or use in enchanting scrolls to sell

– use alchemy to transmute uncommon gems and herbs into rare gems.

– use alchemy to transmute 3 of each gem in to two shadowspirit diamonds before procs.

So as you can see there is still plenty of uses for all the uncommon gems we get through prospecting, it looks like we will have to work harder to make our profit off the ore though.

Lastly I’d just like to say again Blizzard can and does make changes to patches up to the last minute, and data mined information is not always correct. But after looking at the information we have to hand it will still be possible to make gold through prospecting it will just be a lot harder and more time consuming.

One last thing to think about before I post this is the price of the Ore. Currently on my realm it normally sits between 60g – 80g a stack although large quantities do get listed late at night or early in the morning below the current floor price. After the patch hits if the changes are true I suspect we will see less posted so there will be a slight spike in price before it comes back down and falls below current normal sale prices and settles nearer the new floor price. You will probably see botter’s change to farming herbs or Elementium too so this will affect the prices for a while.


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