Profit and Loss week 12


So here we are week 12 I haven’t been as active this week again, and this week I have made a loss again, but that is purely down to some of the purchase’s I have made to gear up two of my characters. I wrote a few of the new goals I had set myself in last weeks post and they where gear up my druid and warrior tank sets and warrior dps set and get wintersabre rep on my warrior too.

Well over the bank holiday weekend I bought two pairs of the Valor Point boots I paid 4k for the Treads of Fleeting Joy for my druid and 8k for the Woe Breeders Boots for my warriors dps spec. I bought these out of trade they where listed on the AH at 6k and 12k respectively.

The next thing I did using the truegold I had made on my Alchemist plus a few extra I bought the cool down of, was ask a guild mate who had some chaos orbs to make Elementium Deathplate and Elementium Girdle of Pain for my warrior dps spec. Both of these items cost me about 1000g together to get made with the cost of the Hardened Elementium and truegold cool downs.

Aswell as these for my druid I purchased a Belt of Nefarious Whispers for 3.5k gold and a Tsanga’s Helm for 5k gold which was half of the going rate on the AH. I also picked up a Darkmoon Card: Earthquake for 2k gold. I then made a Silver Inlaid Leaf on my scribe and made a Band of Blades and Elementium Destroyers Ring on my Jewelcrafter.

In total I spent just over 24000 gold on my two characters improving there gear and i lvl, my druid is sitting at 339 i lvl and warrior at 341 In his dps gear. I ended the week on 75654g 24s 71c

So next week I will get back to my gold making efforts and run some dungeons and make a start on my warriors tanking set.


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