Recipe vendor changes


So I was wondering round Ironforge last night on my way to the reforger when I stopped at the enchanting vendor Tilli Thistlefuzz and after picking up a copper rod to sell at the auction house I noticed that she had a lot more pages than usual of items to buy. As I flicked through the pages I realised she now stocks all the recipes that where only available from Twilight Highlands. So after my quick trip to the reforger I went to the blacksmithing vendor at the Great Forge and he had all the blacksmithing recipes too.

I then logged on my level 42 paladin to see if I could see the recipes on him, I checked the same vendors and the leatherworking trainer and all the recipes where still their. So this got me thinking when did this change happen I asked a few guildies if they’d known it and none of them had and I couldn’t remember seeing it in the patch notes. I asked my guildies to check the vendors in Stormwind as that was where they where based and they also had the recipes on them.

So I went off and read the patch notes again and under professions it says

” All major cities will now have every type of profession trainer and their associated trade supply vendors. ”

When I first read this I thought it meant that a JC trainer would be available in every city rather than just Stormwind and Exodar. I’m sure there was other combinations with out trainers in all major cities but that’s the only one I know of.

Now I’m not sure if the availability of recipes to see and buy that where previously behind the level 84 Twilight Highland quest chain is a bug or intentional but its certainly a welcome change on my part. Especially if future characters I level can get the skills and recipes before level 84.


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