Profit and Loss week 13

Hi all

So here we are at the end of another week, this week I have stopped buying and started posting items at the AH again so I’m back in profit again this week which is always good. I finished the week with 89468g 57s 98c which is a profit of 13814g 33s 27c I am quite happy with the amount made as although I have listed products I have made I haven’t really concentrated on making gold, plus I’ve been having a problem with the dreaded DC bug. After reading the forums it seams there’s a problem connecting between certain ISP’s and blizzards servers st their end. Although thinking about it I en counted a similar problem last year around the may bank holiday period. Hopefully it should sort itself out within a week or so.

On my alchemist I managed to do my Truegold transmute 5 times and got a 2 proc once this week. To make each of these I had a base cost of 358g they sell for between 600g – 650g each on the AH. I also used my transmute Inferno Ruby several times this week, I did have two stacks of these ready made on my jewelcrafter but I have shot through them fairly fast, the raw price on them in the AH has shot up and they currently lie about 5% lower than cut prices funnily enough though the prices on the Carnelian haven’t rose to reflect this.

On my jewelcrafter I have listed all my usual gems and made very good sales especially Inferno ruby and Demonseye cuts. I have splashed out on another meta recipe and bought the +strength and Crit cut the Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond for 5k. I managed to do the daily 6 times this week and for 5 days running it was the Elemental Goo daily and the Jagged Jasper one the other time I did it.

On my Leatherworker I have made steady sales on the Twilight and Scorched Leg armors and I noticed that the Savage and Heavy Savage armor markets have been vacated, for a couple of weeks these markets crashed and people where selling them at less than half the cost to make one. So now I’m the only one posting at the minute and have reset the markets to where I can make a comfortable profit and still see sales.

With my Blacksmithing I have been making the belt buckles I made a stack of 20 of these at a cost of 112g per item I managed to sell 16 of the 20 I made at a average sale price of 235g which is pretty close to 100% profit on each one. I have also been monitoring the prices of the epic 359 gear as I have managed to run a few heroics this week and I hope to start picking up some Chaos Orbs soon.

Well that’s about all I managed this week I hope to run more heroics and break through the 100k mark again in the coming week


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