The price factor

Hi all

So as I mentioned in my last post I have geared my warrior and druid up with some BOE’s and started running a few heroics. Now anyone with either Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, or Tailoring when the final boss is complete will have the ability to roll on a Chaos Orb if their profession is high enough.

So first a few quick facts about them.

– Their Bind on Pickup ( which means they can’t be traded or bought )

– They drop from the designated ( by Blizzard ) last boss of a dungeon

– There required to craft ilvl 359 epics and other items

– You have a 1/5 minimum chance to win one from every heroic you finish

Now every time you run a heroic you have a chance ranging from 20% to 100% to win a chaos orb as it depends on the other participants professions, but on average from the heroics I’ve run so for I have found on average I am rolling against 2 other people. So that would leave me at 1/3 chance or 33.3r% with my simple maths.

Now these orbs are used in 36 recipes 15 for Blacksmithing, 8 for Engineering, 10 for Leatherworking, and 2 for Tailoring. Of the 8 recipes for engineers 7 are the various helms that you make depending on class and spec, so as we can see the biggest users of these orbs are Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers.

Now on my realm in trade chat you will often see people advertising to make items saying how many orbs they have and the cost they want per orb. When cataclysm first launched they where asking for 2000g + per orb but now you see between 250g – 750g, so this got me thinking what is a good price to set as the cost of your orbs.

Firstly chaos orbs are a rare commodity along the lines of Maelstrom Crystals, and truegold, and although currently available only through heroics I suspect they may end up on a JP/VP vendor and turn to BOE, a bit like Frozen orbs did during WotLK. Secondly the items created bar the single tailoring RP outfit are all ilvl 346 to ilvl 359 and are used by many classes to get their ilvl up to heroic level.

After taking in the cost of making an item and the time and sometimes inconvenience involved to get a Chaos Orb, personally I will price them at 400g per Orb at the minute.

How do you price your Orbs ? Do you not factor in them at all ?


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