Profit and Loss week 14

Hi all

So here we are at the end of another week and this is the breakdown of what i’ve done this week. I ended the week on 122183g 10s 79c this is a increase of 32714g 52s 81c. This is far better than most of my recent results and the increase in sales is probably down to new gear available in patch 4.1 so people need to re gem and enchant etc.

On my alchemist I continued with my truegold daily cool down , I didn’t get any procs this week on this, but I did get a couple of 5 procs on the Inferno Rubies and Shadowspirit Diamonds I transmuted for my Jewelcrafter. My sales for my Jewelcrafter have been very good again with increased Inferno Ruby, Ember Topaz, and Demonseye sales.

On my Leatherworker I have again seen steady sales in the leg armour markets partically the Scorched and Twilight ones. One thing I am surprised at though is there is still a abundance of crafted gear available at cheap prices usually 20% – 30% under the cost to make them while not being low enough to buy for Disenchant purposes.

On my Enchanter I have been making steady sales in Essences and dust, the scroll market apart from a few selected markets are still lower than where they should be but I may explore more as they are rising slowly. With the cheaper Maelstrom crystals being available now I started selling the magic lamp pet I managed to sell two of them at 2k gold before JMTC did a post about them, there’s now 10 people that have made them and the price has crashed to around 700g. I will keep an eye on this and see how the market fairs. If they continue making the prices lower I may buy them all and reset the market, or try to sell some cross faction.

On my Blacksmith I used 2 of the Chaos Orbs i won and made the Epic 359 ilvl shields, I made one of each the tanking and healing one, they both sold within a couple of listing for just under 5k gold each. I have also sold several tanking items from the Obsidium line. I have been listing these at 179g per piece with no competition, so this may be something to look into on your server.


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