Call to Arms


So with the release of patch 4.1 blizzard released the Call to arms feature where if your one of the under represented classes in the looking for group feature and que on your own you get the chance to receive a Satchel of Exotic Mysteries. Generally the two roles that will receive this benefit will be tanks and to a lesser extent healers.

So i was thinking about this the other night, and I have read a few posts of other bloggers and news sites with varying opinions on this new feature from good, to bad, to indifferent. The first thing I thought about was who is likely to use this new feature.

– Existing Tanks/Healers @lvl 85 running without Guildies

– Existing lvl85 characters with the ability to spec Tank/Healer who are currently DPS

– Alts levelled to 80 during Wotlk with a Tank/Healer spec

– New alts of mains who are purely DPS

Then I thought if you don’t have a current character with the ability to spec Tank/Healer what’s the easiest way to get one.

– Start a new Alt and level to lvl15 to be able to que in the looking for group ( Druid, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Warrior )

– Start a Death Knight at lvl55 and level through there starter area to be able to que

And let’s face it original Vanilla, BC, and WotLK instances are easier than Cata equivalents.

After looking at this I put my Goblin AH head on so to speak and thought about how you could supply these type of characters. For Death Knights,Paladins, and Warriors they wear plate so we have Blacksmithing. Druids use leather so we have Leatherworking and shamans use mail which is covered by Leatherworking too, who also have the ability to make Armour patches which increase stamina. For Priests they use cloth gear so we have Tailoring and they can make spell threads which will be good for healing characters. Then there’s enchanting to further enhance your gear and jewelcrafting as they level through BC and onwards with the gem slots available on selected gear.

There is a lot of competition on my server selling the lvl85 crafted gear but I will be going through my professions this week pinpointing gear that could be used and checking the AH for gaps in these markets one thing to think about while I look at this is BOA gear. Prior to Cataclysm you could get Chest, Shoulder and Weapon. Now in Cataclysm you can also get Back and Head pieces if your guild is high enough. So maybe this means these will sell less or maybe i should concentrate on looking at the pieces that aren’t covered ie Boots, Bracers, Hands, Legs, and Shields.

it is something I will ponder over the week.


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