Profit and Loss week 15

Hi all

So here we are again the end of another week its been a rather eventful week with lots of heroics. This week I ended up with 124862g 99s 52c in liquid wealth this is a small profit of 2679g 88s 73c. The main reason I ended up with such a small profit is the fact i helped a guild mate out with a lot of materials for gear and profession’s for his resto Shaman who we have been running through heroics together with.

I bought the materials to make a Twilight Scale Chestguard and Stormleather Sash with my Leatherworker. I also made a Tattooed eyeball on my scribe and a Elementium Stormshield on my Blacksmith. I also bought 100 stacks of Elementium ore @ 34g a stack which I prospected using the rare gems to cut for what was needed and the uncommon gems to make in to rings, necks and carnelian spikes, to be Disenchanted for the enchants he needed and to level his own enchanting up. In total I dropped just over 10k gold on all the materials needed.

Overall I’m fairly pleased with how much money I made for the week, I posted my usual Jewels and leg armors and that’s about it so I didn’t use all the professions at my disposal.


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