Profit and Loss week 16


So here we are at the end of another week and my liquid wealth is 134716g 98s 14c this is an increase 9853g 98s 62c.

This week I have been running more heroics and building up my stack of Valor and Justice points some more. So I have just concentrated on one profession this week and that has been the Leatherworking on my Bear druid tank. I had won 7 Chaos Orbs so far so I decided it was about time to look at some of the epic 359 gear that was craft able.

So after scanning through the Auction house and viewing what items where available I decided to craft a Belt of Nefarious Whispers and a Cloak ? . To craft both these items I spent 1600g on the materials I needed and listed them at 4500g for the belt and 1500g for the cloak. I listed both these items for 12 hrs and there was no other competition at the time. I find on my server if you list for 48hr periods with big ticket items your undercut viciously and the lower the amount of time on an item the quicker things sell especially if their the only item that’s listed.

The first night I had these items listed there was no sales on them. When I listed them again there was one other belt listed at 4450g so I undercut that item by 50g and listed for 12hrs again. I listed the cloak at 1500g again. A few hours later while I was running a heroic the cloak sold. But the belt didn’t sell in that period.

When I next logged in scene as I’d won a few more orbs I decided to craft a another item. I crafted the Assassin’s chestplate which is a leather item and crafted another cloak. I listed all the items again the chest at 6000g belt at 4500g and cloak at 1500g again. I had to list all these items another two times but then they all sold in one night.

Other than these items I have listed the usual leg armours but I have scene very disappointing sales in these this week.

I have also done my daily on my Jewelcrafter 6 times this week we have had nightstone 2 times Elemental goo 2 times jasper once and stardust once I am now sitting on 36 jewelcrafter tokens. Which I am saving at the minute for when the epic gems and patterns are released I believe this is what will be used to buy them. My guess would be it will turn out something similar to WotLK with the Epic patterns being worth either 5 or 6 tokens each and the gems coming from Pyrite Ore but we will see about this in the future when Blizzard decides its time to release them.

That’s about all I’ve managed to get done this week, I am still in the planning stage to do my call to arms listing and there’s more items that can be made that are useful than I anticipated.


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