Call to Arms III


So I have worked out what plate items may be good to craft for tanks levelling through LFD and the call to arms feature as you can see in post II of this feature. Now I’m gonna look at the Leatherworking items you can use for druid tanks, and the leg armours all the tanking classes can use to increase there stamina. Some of the items you can create here may also be able to be used by Rogues or low level hunters so this may help sales slightly on some items


    Dark Leather Boots

    Dark Leather Cloak

    Dark Leather Pants

    Toughened Leather Armor

    Nimble Leather Gloves

    Dark Leather Belt

    Hillmans Shoulders

    Green Leather Belt

    Barbaric Shoulders

    Dusky Leather Armor

    Green Leather Bracers

    Dusky Belt

    Nightscape Headband

    Nightscape Tunic

    Gauntlets of the Sea

    Nightscape pants

    Wicked Leather Bracers

    Wicked Leather Headband

    Wicked Leather Pants

    Wicked Leather Gauntlets

    Wicked Leather Belt

    Wicked Leather Armor

    Thick Draenic Gloves

    Thick Draenic Pants

    Thick Draenic Boots

    Thick Draenic Vest

    Arctic Boots

    Arctic Chestpiece

    Arctic Gloves

    Arctic Leggings

    Arctic Belt

    Arctic Shoulderpads

    Arctic Helm

    Arctic Wristguards

    Dark Arctic Leggings

    Dark Arctic Chestpiece

    For the cataclysm pieces you can make the Darkbrand set but its got a random enchantment on it so your not guaranteed to get good pieces for Druid tanks.

Leg Armours

    Medium Armor Kit

    Heavy Armor Kit

    Thick Armor Kit

    Rugged Armor Kit

    Knothide Armor Kit

    Heavy Knothide Armor Kit

    Borean Armor Kit

    Heavy Borean Armor Kit

    Nerubian Leg Armor

    Jormungar Leg Armor

    Frosthide Leg Armor

    Icescale Leg Armor

    Savage Armor Kit

    Heavy Savage Armor Kit

    Scorched Leg Armor

    Twilight Leg Armor

So as you can see theirs a few leather items which can be crafted too. Next I will look at Enchants this will probably be split in to enchants that go on normal gear and enchants that can go on BOA gear.


  1. #1 by nev on 01/06/2011 - 6:11 pm

    The Toughened Leather Armour is a great seller & as far as hunter gear goes, I found very little in the lvl 48-58 range when I was levelling so I guess that would be a good lvl range to look for.

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