Call to Arms IV


Today where gonna look at the enchants that you could sell to the tanking classes I’m going to split them up in to enchants that can go on any gear and specific enchants that can be used on the BOA gear. Don’t forget to buy your vellums from the vendor not the auction house if your going to sell any enchants.

Regular Enchants

Enchant Bracer – Stamina

Enchant Chest – Lesser Stats

Enchant Cloak – Greater Defence

Enchant Gloves – Agility

Enchant Boots – Stamina

Enchant Chest – Superior Health

Enchant Boots – Agility

Enchant Chest – Stats

Enchant Gloves – Greater Agility

Enchant Shield – Vitality

Enchant Boots – Greater Agility

Enchant Cloak – Greater Agility

Enchant Cloak – Major Armor

Enchant Shield – Tough Shield

Enchant Bracer – Stats

Enchant Chest – Exceptional Health

Enchant Chest – Super Stats

Enchant Boot – Greater Fortitude

Enchant Chest – Mighty Health

Enchant Bracers – Greater Stats

Enchant Chest – Greater Dodge

Enchant Boots – Superior Agility

Enchant Gloves – Major Agility

Enchant Cloak – Major Agility

Enchant Shield – Dodge

Enchant Chest – Super Health

Bind on Account Enchants

These enchants are typically put on heirloom gear and don’t require you to be a certain level to use. They are either Random world drops, Trainer or Vendor learnt or rep rewards so there not always the easiest to collect.

Enchant Chest – Greater Stats (Random World Drop)

Enchant Chest – Major Health (Vendor Learnt)

Enchant Weapon – Major Agility (Timbermaw Hold Honoured)

Enchant Weapon – Strength
(Thorium Brotherhood Friendly)

Enchant Weapon – Crusader
(Random World Drop)

Some people also like this because of the red glow it produces on the weapon.

Enchant Weapon – Fiery Weapon
(Boss Drop BRD)

Enchant Cloak – Stealth
(Random World Drop & Cenarion Expedition Exalted)

Enchant Cloak – Greater Protection
(Vendor Learnt)

So there’s all the enchants to go with all the Blacksmithing and Leatherworking gear.

My plan going forward will be to source all the materials through what I have stored in guild bank and the auction house, farming etc to be able to craft one of every item. I will send all these items to a low level alt with 50g to cover auction costs.

I will install the addon my sales to record what this character sells and the prices. I will probably create groups for these items in Zero auctions to streamline the posting process and probably list them with 48hr auctions. To drum up some interest some entertaining barks for trade chat will have to be thought up.

I hope to do a similar experiment for healers but I need to level another character higher to learn Tailoring for the clothies, this is one of the professions I don’t have at a high level. I also need to do some research in to what stats are ideal for all types of healer as I don’t have one above level 20 and most of my characters I regurly play are tank or melee.


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