The Convenience Factor

Hi all

So Cold over at is running another blogging carnival previous carnivals can be found here and this months topic is about What you learned in the real world that can be applied to WOW.
This topic peaked my interest and got me thinking quite a bit. One of the biggest things I see in the real world is the need for things now or in the easiest form of getting what you want in the amounts you need. I call this the convenience factor.

If you think about this in real life you have this in every supermarket, convenience store, or corner shop you go in. It’s the simple things like being able to buy tins of beans or bottle of beer, or lager in singles, pack of 4, 6, or 8, or crates of 18, or 24. Or if your buying a new laptop, or desktop to decide what software and hardware is included.

So if we go back to WOW and playing the auction house how can this convenience factor help you in-game. As an auctioneer you work to sell your crafted goods or the materials to make crafted goods to earn you in-game currency in the form of gold, silver, and copper coins.

So if we take this convenience factor and imagine we want to craft a Truegold bar, this requires 3 Pyrium Bars, 10 Volatile Air, 10 Volatile Fire, and 10 Volatile Water. As a buyer we want to make the least amount of clicks we need too at the auction house, to make this item.

As a seller you want to sell your goods to the buyers in the stack sizes needed to make their goods so if you where selling goods to make the truegold you would sell it in the sizes listed above, we can take this idea and apply it to most of the popular crafted items in WOW. Just a few to think about are

– Gems for the Jewelcrafting daily

– Inks for glyphs, darkmoon cards, offhands or relics

-Elementium Bars for Hardenened Elementium Bars or Blacksmith crafted pvp gear

-Dusts and Essences for enchanting scrolls

When you sell trade goods in stack sizes for popular crafted items you can often put mark up of 5-10% of the cost of a single item, purely because your catering to people’s want for convenience.

So the next time you’re at the auction house about to sell your trade goods stop and think for a second. Is there a better way to sell my goods.


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    piqued not peaked lol

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