One mans Trash is another mans Treasure

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so Cold over at is holding Colds Blogging Carnival again, you can see previous entries here This months topic is Real world ideas applied in-game to the auction house.

One mans trash is another mans Treasure

In real life there are many cultures and many sayings or ideas that can be transported in to this game we all play called world of warcraft. One that always use is

One mans Trash is another mans Treasure

So what does this mean in real world terms and how does it translate to WOW. I’m sure you’ve all seen a scrap man driving around in a truck or a clothing recycler or know of charity shops or even one of the biggest websites on the world-wide web e-bay. all of these people or company’s offer us a chance to reuse or they recycle our unwanted goods, now how does that apply to WOW I can hear you thinking.

Well WOW is in its fourth expansion and Deathwing has unleashed his Cataclysm on Azeroth, meaning you can level to 85 and collect and earn new shiny gear and equipment. What many players forget about is the previous tier of trade good and crafted items. so what was previously treasure is now trash.

This is where as a good auctioneer you can make extra gold at decent price margins, many people forget about the items they used to sell during Wrath of the Lich king or Burning Crusade but lots of these items still sell to Levellers or people who just choose to stay at that level bracket. Here’s a few items for you think about next time your sat at the auction house.

– Eternal Belt Buckle

– Cobalt tanking set

– Rare and epic quality WotLK gems

– Leg armors and spellthreads

– Armour kits

So why don’t you take a moment next time your online and look back through the items you used to sell in previous expansions and look for possibilities to make sales now. It will give you the chance to expand your portfolio of items you sell and increase your gold income.


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