Profit and Loss weeks 17 and 18

Hi all

So the last two weeks have been a bit up and down as far as gold making goes for me. I started the week posting my usual gems and leg armours making steady sales. Then I had a major ISP and phone line problem someone managed to destroy the box for the local area after a bout of drink driving late on a saturday night. Any way it wasn’t until late monday evening when everything had been restored properly.

This couple of days without WOW led me to thinking about a few things I’d like to do. Basically since I started playing WOW my warrior had been my main but since Cataclysm I have been playing him less and less and my druid has become my main character, so I’ve decided I’d like to do more with him and I’d like to build up some achievements, etc.

So the first thing I did when I could log on was buy a off spec and I went balance. I purchased a few justice point pieces and a few bits off the Auction House then jumped in a few guild heroics and managed to gain a few more pieces. It certainly gave me a different perspective to the fights I’d learnt already. My dps improved a lot over the few runs we did but I feel this is something I will have to work on.

The next thing I did was start a few achievements you can see a few of the things I’ve been doing here . After talking with a guild mate of mine I have also started work on a few of the guild achievements so far we’re 3.5k/5k into the cataclysm gourmet achievement, 6.5k in to the critter kill squad and 1.5k/2.5k in to the gem cutting one.

Aswell as all these I am hoping to work on the guild perks we can get, we are currently just about 10% shy of being a level 5 guild. We have a few returning players which should help us increase our guild XP faster. I should mention the guild I’m in is a small casual very friendly guild and we probably have around 10 accounts but most of the guild hasn’t really been around since Cataclysm launched due to family, work, personal commitments. So its nice to see a few people returning.

I would also like to start a few new alts over the summer months to fill out my profession slots and experience the new old world cataclysm content. But my first goal over the next two weeks will be to reach 150k in liquid gold and start my Call to Arms experiment once I have everything crafted.


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