Profit and Loss week 20

Hi all

So here we are again and this is what I made this week 4598g 98s 32c , this period covers the last week before patch 4.2 and leaves me at 151389g86s 32c. Firstly I am glad to have broken the 150k barrier but I was very dissapointed with the over all sales this week.  I guess there is little you can do about the amount of sales you make pre patch as lots of people hold off making purchases so hopefully next weeks figures will show a huge jump.

During this week I only did the jewelcrafting daily 3 times these where Jasper once and zephyrite twice, on my alchemist I did my truegold transmute everyday unfortunetally I only had single procs this week.

One other thing I managed to do this week was complete all the midsummer quests on my druid Vitality to gain the Midsummer achievement so I now have the title The flame warden, and I have managed to get my Dwarf Shaman Celestreal levelled to level 27 o this week.

So over all it has been a very slow week on the gold making front but I’m sure that will all change with patch 4.2 coming.


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