Patch 4.2 first impressions

Hi all

So patch 4.2 hit the live servers in europe on wednesday and surprisingly, it went without much of a hitch. So wednesday night I managed to get online and I had to update 3 add-ons then click load out of date add-ons and all my add-ons where working. The loading screens where a little slow loading but other than that there was very little lag.

My first impressions of this patch are that people have been well prepared for it. The first night on the auction house was rather weird. As soon as I logged on trade chat was abound with troll wars over the price of inferno rubies, belt buckles and more. The first night there was a glut of supplies which in the end lead to several popular markets selling for less than they did pre patch.

By the second night prices had stabilised and where slightly higher than they where pre patch and by friday stocks where starting to dwindle and the price was rising. Over the weekend I have a feeling the prices will fall again as the casual players attempt to make what they can and farm what they can before rising again next week.

There has been a rather noticeable fall in the amount or ore, herbs and leather being posted and if you check the names of the posters there are very few bots left working with names like zzXghbler. The prices of volatile air and water have rose slightly though fire has dropped what with the mobs having the chance to drop volatile fire around the hyjal daily area.

The new Firelands raid has attracted a lot of attention and rep runs have been quite popular on my realm with the pattern rate being nerfed by blizzard. I suspect they made a mistake like when ZA/ZG where released. The patterns on wednesday where listed for 30k plus, by friday night there where down to 10k on average. One thing to note on the pattern front is until guilds can clear four bosses per week they won’t be a regular supply of the living embers needed and even then the supply will only be enough to craft one item per guild clearing four bosses or 1 and 3/4 items per full clear. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these added to the JP/VP vendors sometime in the future.

Lastly we have the new daily area in Mount Hyjal I have been doing these quests on my two level 85’s. Firstly these quests have been fairly straight forward and they all follow a simple path. I haven’t had any trouble doing any of the quests yet, a guildie did mention that the one where you have to throw the bears on to the trampoline froze on him when he did it though. Lastly I have noticed a slow down in the amount of players doing these every time I have run them, this will be interesting on a few fronts. The blacksmithing weapons you can get may be bought for alts though I doubt raiders will need them. It’ll be interesting to see how many start appearing on the auction house and how many competitors they are.

So all in all patch 4.2 has been rather a good patch in terms of there being no upheaval and the gold earned will be interesting to see over the course of the week.


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