Gem stacking mystery

Hi all

So it was announced with patch 4.2 that cut gems would now stack, I for one like a lot of jewel crafters breathed a sigh of relief. This feature would be a godsend for inventory management and something that was long overdue.

But sadly it appears this functionality isn’t working properly. On wednesday night after the patch hit I opened up my craft window and created my crafting que with skillet then clicked process. Before too long I found I was getting the message not enough bag space. So I opened up my bags and lo and behold they where full.

I thought this a little strange so I opened up the patch notes on another screen and it did say patch 4.2 included the gem stacking feature. So I popped back on my main screen and started stacking the gems manually then proceeded with my craft que leaving my bags open so I could watch what happens.

Its appears that currently cataclysm rare (blue colour) gems don’t stack but meta gems and WotLK rares do stack automatically. I haven’t tried it with WotLK metas epic or common gems or cataclysm common gems as I’m not in those markets. Cataclysm rare gems will stack if taken out of a mailbox though up to a maximum of 20. Once I’d figured this out I jumped on twitter and messaged @BlizzardCS_EU about it, they said they are currently looking in to this. So this feature may be fixed with a hot fix or maybe it needs a server restart.

But in the mean time rather than stack them manually every time I cut some gems I looked in to add-ons that will help, has add-ons for just about everything and is a great repository of add-ons. If you go and look in the bags and inventory subsection at you will see hundreds of different add-ons, from the all encompassing Ark Inventory to lightweight add-ons like Onebag3 or Baggins. In the end after looking through them all and testing them out I choose the very simple to use Genie addon which can be found here . So there we go a simple and easy way to stack your cut gems till Blizzard fixes the problem.


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