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Well its that time of the month again and Cold over at is holding another carnival, this months topic is Ideal alts and all the entries can be found here on the 11th of July.

So on my realm I play on I currently have 9 of my 10 slots for the realm used with a lot a time played between all characters. So I took this topic and looked at it as if I was going to start over on a new realm how I would go about building up a stable of characters and the jobs I would assign to each character. I also choose the horde races as I primarily play alliance.

One of the characters I would level would be a tank. Tanking classes are always needed at every level in WOW and although it can be stressful at times tanking it allows you easy passage in to all aspects of PVE content, especially dungeons and raids.

For my tank I would level a Tauren Warrior the reasons for this are

– Increased base health

– Additional stun War stomp

– Eligible to roll on the current Orbs

– Warriors have a large toolkit to deal with varying encounters.

For the professions I would choose Blacksmithing which would complement the armour that the class wears, and provides two extra sockets for gems as its profession bonus. As the second profession I would choose Jewelcrafting this gives you the ability to equip three special jewelcrafter only gems. Both of the these profession’s offer you the chance to make continuous gold as people always need new gems and belt buckles and as a Blacksmith or Jewelcrafter you have the ability to make items like rings, neckpieces, shields, weapons that are often good earners. You could also use a tauren paladin to fill this role.

The next type of character I would want would be purely a gathering character, this would allow me to level other profession’s with only time involved as opposed to gold outlay. Gathering character are partically useful when expansions release as that is when prices for goods are at there highest.

This character would again be a Tauren and would be a druid because

– Increased herbalism skill and faster gathering.

– Ability to gather herbs while in flight form

– Sprint on 2 min cool down

– travel form increase’s speed before mounts are available

For the professions I would choose Herbalism which tauren have a synergy with and is something druids excel at with the flight form ability’s. Paired with this I would have skinning as the druid could use either (tank) Bear form, (melee dps) Cat, or (ranged dps) Boomkin to gather mobs and kill them then use their healing abilities to heal themselves providing little downtime.

The next character I would role would be a general gathering character, this would mean vendor recipes pets and the like. But has the ability to farm mobs with great control. There is one class that excels in transport roles and that’s the mage.

This character I would make a Goblin because

– Reputation discounts

– Bank access without being in a city 30min CD

– Portals to all major cities

– 1% increased attack/casting speed

For this characters professions I would choose Alchemy to complement another of the Goblin racial’s and Inscription as although it would be used for travelling to collect recipes and the like it will spend a lot of time in the cities so it may as well use that time wisely.

Next I would roll a paladin, paladins have the versatility to play all three roles in WOW but it would make mine a tauren and play Ret/prot. I would make this character an Engineer and miner because

– Increased speed for mining

– Increased base health

– Additional stun

– Tinkers

This characters main source of income would be pets and scopes, while mining ore when the profits where great enough it would collect extra Volatiles and primals through engineering perks. You could also use this character to farm old content with it self healing ability.

Next I would roll a healing class this character would spend time in dungeons. I would make this a Blood Elf and a priest, with enchanting to enhance there racial and pair it with Tailoring.

– Increased enchanting skill through Arcane Affinity

– Ability to roll on current Orbs

This character main earning potential comes through enchants and spellthreads being needed every content level by all characters. Also has a steady side income through bags.

The last character I would make to round out a full collection of professions would be a Orc and I would make him a Hunter. I would give this character Leatherworking and Alchemy

– Blood Fury Increase attack power on a 2 min CD

– Command 5% increased pet damage

– Faster travelling speed at low levels

– Ability to roll on current Orbs

– Able to bring a massive range of buffs to groups through various pets

This character could make a steady income through leg armors. With the ability to make BOE mail or leather gear covering many specs. The alchemy could be used to enhance other professions through being transmute specced.

So that’s the way I would create my stable of ideal alts if I was to create them as a horde player. Doing this would cover all the professions at least once and leave you with space to add more alts if you’d like.

If you have different views please share them in a constructive manner, its always interesting to get others point of view.


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