Profit and Loss week 21 Patch 4.2 sales

Hi all

So patch 4.2 landed and like I said in my first impressions, things went surprisingly smooth for a major patch. I finished the week with 188964g 72s 67c in liquid wealth which is a increase in gold of 37574g 86s 35c . All in all I am rather pleased with the increase and it would have been nearer 50k and probably broke me through the 200k barrier if I hadn’t made a few purchases during the week too. But I saw a few items cheaply priced and still needed several of the enchanting and leatherworking recipes that I was working on collecting from the vendors.

One of the bargains I did pick up was 10 stacks of Heavy Savage Leather in stacks of 10 priced at 9g per heavy leather, there usual price is hovering around the 30g mark per leather, also there was 22 Maelstrom crystals at 125g per they usually sell for 200g per.

On my Jewelcrafter I did the daily 5 times this week we had Elemental goo twice and Zephryte, Jasper, and Nightstone once. I used 2 tokens this week to pick up the Delicate Chimera’s eye recipe, as I’m pushing through the last hurdle to level my hunter to 85. I will probably spend some gold on him as I levelled most of the way to 85 with mining and jewelcrafting dailies so he is a bit neglected. I picked up the 6 new recipes from the trainer on patch day and made one of each of the rings. So far this week I have sold 3 of the amberjewel one but none of the others they have been priced at between 600 and 700g per ring. All the gems I cut have advance the guild achievement to 2298/2500 so that should be complete in the next couple of weeks.

On my Blacksmith I started the week selling Elementium Belt Buckles and they where steady at between 250g and 300g with the help of a guildie we slowly raised the price to 500g and they where still selling then on Sunday night someone decided to wall the market. They started with 20 buckles at 240g and banging up some noise in trade they where soon under cut by casuals wanting to make a quick buck. When I got back to the AH from doing my Hyjal dailies upon examining the market there was several walls put up of 20+ buckles and the price was down to 150g per.

After this I stopped posting and just watched what was happening in this market. Over the next couple of days it the market fell to as low as 96g per buckle. Now after watching this it appears this is two accounts one of them plays every evening and spends a lot of time in stormwind. The other I have never scene online but after scouting through auctioneer and the armoury I think this is a alt of someone’s who’s using the remote auction house. The reason I believe this is their are several similar sounding characters listing items in different markets but all with similar patterns and after friend listing this character it has never been scene online, at least not while I am online.

As for the new PVP patterns I have made a couple of legs and chest and head pieces which have sold around the 800g mark, these have the least competition so I will stick with these for now.

With my enchanting I have been making steady sales especially on cloaks and hand enchants most of the cloak enchants sell for between 250g per and 350g per depending on day of the week I also bought out a few of the lesser tier of cataclysm enchant to reset the markets to between 100g and 150g per enchant. The 30 intellect enchant I bought 27 of them out at 4g and change a piece they are now selling at a steady 75g. This is less than I reset them too but I have sold enough of them to cover the outlay and start making profit off them and I still have plenty left.

On my alchemist I have been doing the Living elements transmutes to this should cover the slow down of volatiles available at descent prices over the first week. I also made a batch of 60 mana potions when a guildie mentioned there where none available on the auction house. I sold them in stacks of 5 for 75g per stack this gave me a 100% return on the cost of the materials before the regular potion spec alchemists returned to posting.

On my Leatherworker I posted my leg armors a usual with descent sales, I used the cheap savage leather I bought to fill in more of the recipes I still hadn’t learnt and crafted the head, chest, and legs of the leather agi version of the PVP gear. I had them all listed around the 800g mark but have only sold the head piece so far. I also managed to sell a Razor-Edged Cloak for 1000g even though the thrall quest line offers a nice 365 ilvl cloak.

Other than all this on the auction house I have been busy doing the Hyjal Dailies I have completed them 6 times on my warrior and 5 times on my druid. There does seem to be less people doing them each day so being one of the first to get the recipes may have a major benefit.

During the next week I want to get my hunter to 85 and start gearing him up a little as he is looking rather neglected and run some more heroics on my druid for the valor points.


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