Profit and Loss week 22

Hi all

So here we are at the end of another week. This week in world of warcraft I managed to finish the levelling off on my Hunter so that brings me to three 85’s now. Run the Hyjal dailies on my warrior everyday and 5 days again on my druid. I finished the week with 195195g 69s 78c in liquid gold this is a increase of 6230g 97s 11c . Overall I am pleased with the increase in gold I have this week especially with the expenses from gearing up my hunter. All in all I would have made around 21k this week without the expenses.

This character was very un geared and mainly had a mix of 232 and 245 WotLK gear equipped. I had used him to mine at the start of cataclysm and really only run a few cooking dailies and done the jewelcrafting daily with him. I started on the quests to open up twilight highlands while queuing for a random normal with a few guildies. By the time I had done a couple I was 70k XP short of level 85 so I finished the quests to take the beech head and I finally dinged.

The first thing I did then was go and train and re spec before heading to the auction house to make some purchase’s to improve his gear. Here’s a list of what I bought or made for him.

– Volatile Thunderstick 300g

– Brazen Elementium Medallion (made JC)

– Dragonkiller Tunic (made LW)

– Corded Viper Belt (made LW)

– Arrowsinger Legguards 6000xcg

– Moccasins of Verdurous Glooms 1000g

– Unheeded Warning 6000g

So I spent 13300g on items at the auction house and the items I crafted I had all the materials apart from the Volatile water and Blackened Dragonscales I paid 20g per scale so 400g in total and 15g per Volatile Water so 1125g in total. Which all adds up to 14825g plus the enchants and gems. Over the rest of the week I pushed through and did some more random’s and a few heroics, to fill out the rest of the slots that I needed new gear for. I also completed the new Thrall quest line for the cape and ended up with a average ilvl of 343 with just my melee weapon needing replacing badly. If you want to view my hunter you can here I’d be open to any gear, spec advice you may have as long as its being constructive. One thing I know I need to work on is rep for the shoulder and head enchants.

Other than this with my professions I picked up another jewelcrafting recipe which was the Defenders Demonseye and I have 65 jewelcrafting tokens saved up now. Inferno rubies have been raising in price again this week as peoples stocks of them are drying up.

I have been listing my belt buckles again this week and the prices are averaging 175g this week. It appears the two competitors from last week have either run out of stock or are fed up with low profit levels as they have been rising steadily I think they will be back over 200g again next week.

I have listed my regular enchants and leg armors but the sales have been sluggish this week in those. So that been about it for my week in WOW on the auction house.


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