A Bit of Blackmail


Last night I was sat scanning through the auction house and looking through my inscription professions tab, when I came across an item I’d completely forgot about. What was this item you may ask Forged Documents now I used to craft these items when I was first levelling my inscription as they gave you skill ups all the way to 525.

Now these items used to require three inks and resilient parchment to make but now they only require one of each. Once you’ve made the item you get a quest to hand them in to a random npc in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar and in return you receive a Bulging sack of Coins.

The reward from the quest is between 10g – 25g, this isn’t the greatest monetary reward but its certainly worth collecting everyday. After all if we saw a item on the Auction house for 5g and you knew it sold to a vendor for 10g you’d buy it for the easy return.

So there you go folks don’t forget the easy gold return.


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