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Hi all

So over the weekend I have been talking to my younger brother, now he used to play a little WOW and has several characters on my server, but hasn’t played since WotLK.

He told me he was looking to get back in to the game with a few friends of his and they where gonna roll all new horde toons on a new server. So he asked me the best way to get a little starter gold, bags etc as he had heard about all the changes since Cataclysm.

Now personally I don’t have many horde characters and certainly none I play regular but I have run through all the starter zones before and a few of them since cataclysm launched. So this got me thinking what are the best way to get a little seed gold and bags for storage.

Firstly all the new starter zones have at least one quest offering you a bag as a quest reward, and I think blizzard has upped the number on 6 slot pouches that drop as I have scene more drop when I have started new characters to experience the new starter areas. So that helps with the storage solutions to start with.
I did tell him to download a addon that sells grey items automatically and to visit vendors to sell things as often as possible, as if you have no space you can’t pick an item up and that’s the opportunity to gain some coins lost. Personally I use the addon SellJunk, its configurable so you can add items to the vendor list or take them off if you like.

Secondly I advised him to pick up a gathering profession or two, the reason’s for this are two fold. Herbalism and mining now give you experience when you gather a node, there fore you level faster. Also the herbs or ore you gather can be sold on the auction house this will give you some easy starter gold. The nodes of ore and herbs in starter area’s are also mainly easy to get too fast spawning and plentiful.

The next thing I thought about was the easy cheap vendor items you can buy that people buy off the auction house because they don’t know where to buy them or they can’t be bothered to find them.

So the first items I told him to look for where the faction specific pets snakes, Cockroaches etc. These are cheap to buy 50s without any discounts I believe, and on my realms the alliance pets typically sell around the 5g mark even though they are so simple to get. So I would assume a similar sort of return on most realms.

Next on alliance side we have a NPC called Kendor Kebanka who sells cooking recipes typically if I start on a new realm I would visit this NPC and buy the recipes and list them for 15g a piece. So I advised him to search out something similar horde side to sell the recipes like Lynx Steak or Crispy Bat Wing. Although after searching wowhead it appears horde don’t have singular vendor like Kendo.

Next I told him to find a enchanting trainer. Next to a enchanting trainer you will typically find a vendor, these vendors sell a few recipes which you can sell on the auction house. They sell the vellum’s enchanter’s need to make there enchants. On my main realm currently these don’t sell much above the vendor cost but I know realms where they sell for double or more of the cost, I would sell these in various stack sizes too so singles, fives, and stacks of twenty.

This vendor will also sell strange dust for 8s and lesser magic essence for 8s, these are limited supply but the re spawn timer on them is fairly quick so you can build a stock up of them really easy. So depending on server economy these can be good to buy and sell.

Lastly there is one of my favourite vendor items to sell and this is the Copper Rod. Enchanter’s need these to level their skills and Blacksmiths can make them but not for as cheap as you can buy them, and in my experience you don’t find many listed at the auction house. Also players don’t always realise you can buy them off a vendor so purchase them from the auction house. I usually purchase one at a time and list them for 25g with no competition unlike other enchanting rods.

Once you have some gold from selling your wares you can also purchase larger bags, which expands your storage capacity and ability to earn more gold. Personally I buy Runecloth bags for the first character, as you can resell these or send them to other characters you create or use them to in your personal bank as they don’t become bound to you once there equipped unlike Netherweave bags or Frostweave Bags.

So there you have it some of my tips for starting out on a new realm, is there anything you think I’ve missed ? What are your favourite starter items to sell ?


  1. #1 by Thomas Jespersen on 19/07/2011 - 4:19 pm

    Actually I don’t even think that blacksmiths can make Copper Rods. I think its only a vendor item, but many people probably think its a blacksmith recipe so they happily pay several gold for them.

    • #2 by wragstoriches on 19/07/2011 - 6:20 pm

      I could have swore there was one but must be my mind playing tricks on me 🙂


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