Tabard Bug Hyjal dailies

Hi all

I like many people have been running my Hyjal dailies as often as I can. Apart from running these for the recipes for my various professions or gear upgrades, these dailies provide a great source of constant guild xp and if your like me you have been wearing your guild tabard to get the extra guild rep.

Well last night while running my dailies I noticed something strange. I did the first set of dailies and handed them all in getting guild xp as normal then I went through the portal to the Molten front to grab the next set, and just as I was about to hand The Protectors of Hyjal quest in I noticed that the guild tabard icon was missing from my buff bar. So I un equipped it and re equipped it and the buff re appeared. I thought this a little strange so after I’d finished the dailies on one character I tried them again on my druid and the same thing happened.

So a little warning for you all today when your doing your dailies check you buff bars if you wearing the guild tabard other wise you will be missing out on valuable guild xp.


  1. #1 by drayden on 22/07/2011 - 10:45 pm

    I’ll have to keep an eye on that. Good catch!

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