Profit and Loss week 23

Hi all

This week has been a bit of strange week for me, as I’ve not really had as much time to play as I usually get but I still managed to get the Hyjal dailies done on my warrior everyday, my druid however is lagging behind more and more

I finished the week with a total of 212117g 82s 96c in liquid gold this is an increase of 15922g 13s 18c. Which actually quite surprised me considering I only listed my gems and enchants three times.

This week the back enchants have sold quite well again and I have been buying out some of the lower cataclysm level enchants again. For some reason every time I reset the +30 intellect, mastery to shield or earthen vitality markets people keep dropping the price down to 5g. As for the materials I have found this week that Maelstrom crystals have been dropping steadily they average 150g per at the minute while greater celestial essences and heavenly shards have been rising so they sit just over 100g on average this week.

Meanwhile in the gems markets, I have bought out several Reverberating, and Revitalising, and Agile cuts, all these had gone down to around the 60g mark. I reset these back to 300g per which is nearer where the rest of the meta’s have been selling at. The other Meta gem sellers on the server seem to have responded to this well and haven’t flooded the market so the prices have stayed around this mark.

Of the over colours the blue, green, and yellow cuts are all falling down to around the 30g per mark, with the orange and purple cuts staying steady still at between 75g – 100g depending on day of the week. The inferno rubies have continued to rise in price, and I’m seeing less cut and uncut’s being listed. So these sit at around 150g per cut at the minute.

I think people have used up a lot of their stock and are starting to see a conflict of interest in the use of carnelian’s. This is being reflected in the price of the ore which is sitting around 40g per stack of Obsidium or Elementium where as pre patch it was easy to find between 25g – 30g per stack. I have also seen the price of heartblossom shoot up to double what it was pre patch 4.2. It was around 60g per stack pre patch it now hovers between 120g – 140g per stack.

It will be interesting to see how long these trends keep going for, I know I have a large stash of cheap goods still unused so I’m happy to let the prices keep rising. By next week I will have got enough tokens to open up the vendors in Hyjal but I know a lot of the competition will also have them open so the new weapon will be an interesting market to watch.



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