Profit and Loss week’s 24 and 25

Hi all

Firstly I’d just like to apologise to you the readers on my lack of posts over the last 10 days. A few family issues popped up and I got side tracked from writing and playing WOW, but I have been thinking about things during my time off.

So here we are at the end of another two-week’s and it has been a rather strange. I finished this two week period with 227441g 97s 42c this is an increase in liquid wealth of 15324g 14s 46c . Overall I’m not to disappointed in my increase over these past two week’s as I only had a couple of chances to play and list my wares properly.

I started the first week listing my gems on my jewelcrafter as usual and doing the Elemental goo quest for the daily, before swapping to my warrior to set off and do the hyjal dailies again. I managed to get enough tokens to do the Additional Armaments quest to unlock the Blacksmithing recipes which I purchased for a total of 2400g.

I didn’t get a chance to login again for a couple of days but when I did boy do I wish I didn’t. The lag monster had struck and anyone who lives in England and uses Virgin Media as there ISP will be well aware of the issues that can happen. The basics to it are Virgin throttle’s P2P traffic especially around major holidays and Blizzard uses this technology so for 2 – 4 days every summer, easter and christmas time it leaves the game pretty unplayable for a couple of days. There is a few fixes around if you follow the forums but sometimes they don’t always work for everyone. It usually starts on a friday and lasts the weekend so people get irate on the forums etc Blizzard, Virgin, and Tella who are blizzzards ISP at the servers all say it not their problem then it mysteriously disappears Monday or Tuesday ready for maintenance on Wednesday.

Anyway all this adds to up me ending up a week or so behind the curve as far as having all the firelands dailies opened up. Even though I have the main recipes I wanted. When I next logged in knew I wouldn’t be around to play for a few more days so I listed double of all my gems and some scrolls and leg armours at higher prices on 48hr auctions. When I returned I’d sold about 60% of what I’d listed which was more than I’d expected. And I currently haven’t had any chance to play since

Over the next few days I now have a little bit of time which I hope to be able to sit down and play a little WOW with it will be interesting to see how the summer influx of teenagers and students with more time to play will have affected the markets I currently sell in, as the summer holidays are now in full swing here in England. After these few days I have a family gathering event to attend so I will be away with out access to WOW again.

One thing that I have realised is the Value of the Remote Auction House feature, if you unable to login for a few days and you know you won’t be able to. You can pre craft items and store them in your mail or bags and list them via your i phone or android and still make gold. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me to see a crafting feature added to that function in the next 18 months. I currently use a blackberry and when my contracts up in a few months I will seriously be looking at this option.



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