Profit and Loss weeks 26 – 29

Hi all

This is my post covering the last three weeks. As you know I have been on vacation for a week which ended up turning in to 10 days, Over this period I managed to reach one of my goals though. So let’s start at the beginning.

I started week 26 sorting my mail and making sure nothing would be lost while I was on vacation and did a bit of re organising in my guild banks. I listed a few pieces of miscellaneous items I found in my guild banks and Disenchanted what wasn’t needed no more. This brought in roughly 250g and then that was it for the week. In week 27 I didn’t list a thing. When I returned from my vacation the first thing I did was un install WOW and clean up my laptop it was getting rather messy and overcrowded. Having done this it allowed me to review some of the add-ons I use and how they fit in my UI.

After I’d re installed WOW and the curse client and all the basic add-on’s you use for heroics or raids such as DBM omen etc I looked at my auctioneering add-ons. Firstly I re installed Auctionator this is one of my favourite add-ons as it gives you a great overview of all the item whether your buying or selling. Enables you to set up shopping lists and has a straight forward cancel auction function. Next I re installed Auditor which keeps an eye of all your incoming and outgoings showing the overall picture which I did a review of. After this I stopped with auctioneering add-ons as I’m currently deciding whether to use TSM on my laptop or stick to Zero auctions. Lastly I installed postal its a great little add-on for getting things out of your mailbox with one click. Then I headed in-game to see how my guildies and the auction house was.

After all the usual hello’s and how’s things and questions I settled down to have a look to see how things where doing on the auction house. A lot of the markets had changed prices since before my vacation and some where high and some unfortunately low, you can read more into the effects of holiday periods in WOW at colds blogging carnival as well as other interesting topics. After chatting some more and scanning and searching around it appears several people have teamed up are trying to make bank and force their way to owning certain markets. Anyway over the week I eased myself back in to the markets that I usually sell in starting with my gems and enchants before moving on to my Leatherworker and Blacksmith.

I finished the week with just over 250k in liquid gold which is one of the goals I originally set myself. So I am very pleased to have broken that barrier. Now my plan over the next few days is to decide whether to use TSM or ZA, and then set up groups for all the items I sell.

I will be starting a new series of profit and loss columns as I have decided to run my weekly column in unison with the weekly maintenance. So it will run from Wednesday to Tuesday in the future. I hope to be able jump in to some new markets and learn more professions as I continue my journey.



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  1. #1 by fluxdada on 01/09/2011 - 7:55 am

    Welcome back and big grats on 250K Epi!

    • #2 by wragstoriches on 01/09/2011 - 9:51 am

      Thanks Flux

      it has been a journey so far with a few ups and downs, but its been fun and taught me a lot.

      Onwards and upwards from here


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