Chaos Orbs What price should they be worth ?

Hi all

So after I finished my post about Farming Chaos Orbs that left me with another question. What is the value of Chaos Orbs, and are they better used or bartered with. Way back in patch 4.1 I did a post on their value and my thoughts then, also Cold of Coldsgoldfactory has a good post on his thoughts.

First let’s remind ourselves a few things about Chaos Orbs.

– Chaos Orbs are currently used in four professions those are Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, and Tailoring.

– Their Is currently 59 recipes that use them of which 29 are Blacksmithing, 10 Engineering, 18 Leatherworking, and 2 Tailoring.

– They are Bind on Pickup

– They are only available from the last boss in a heroic dungeon

So having looked at the facts we can see that Chaos Orbs will have a different value to the various professions. Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers have the most recipes that can use them, Engineers have 10 recipes they can go in but 7 of those are the various different tier 11 helms of which you only learn the ones for your class. Poor tailoring only has two recipes one is for a black gown which is mainly a RP thing and the other is to make Dreamcloth without a cool down but it takes 5 Orbs per, which is rather a steep cost in my opinion.

Now we know where there from and where they are used we can start to form an opinion on them as to their value. As Chaos Orbs require you to run and finish a heroic to get at worst a 20% chance and at best 100% chance to get one we can place the value of them as similar to the cost of Truegold. In the sense that only so many can be earned a day the same as only so many Alchemists will use their Truegold cool down to make them.

Now if you followed my post on farming Chaos Orbs you may be running with guildies or friends from your realms if you offered each one of them 50g per run that would put a minimum cost of 200g on each Chaos Orb or at 100g per person it would be 400g per Chaos Orb.

Now on my realm in the EU you see people advertising in trade to use their orbs ands it is generally between 200g and 300g per Orb but can get as low as 100g to 150g at the weekend. Whenever I have seen the price go low I have tried to get a few pieces made up but they generally are snapped up so fast.

Having looked at the facts of where the Orbs come from and what their used in, I would value my Chaos Orbs at 500g each minimum but I would want nearer 750g per Chaos Orb. Due to time, and gold spent to acquire them Now if I tried barking in trade at this price I’m sure I would get undercut and trolled straight away but eventually they would sell.

Which then points to the reason that your Chaos Orbs will hold more value if you sell the item’s already crafted on the Auction House. This is due to the fact you can name the price you want for an item.

If Chaos Orbs where available from other sources than the heroics like Justice point vendors or Honor point vendors, at a reasonable price I could see the value for them being much less as theirs more availability to get them. I personally thought Blizzard would do this in 4.2 but they haven’t although they did say in a Q&A on professions they did that they will be adding them to vendor or making them BOE at some point. So as we look in to the future we know they will be easier to acquire but we don’t know when. My guess would be in patch 4.3 which could also bring the epic gems people are waiting for.

So there it is that’s how I value my Chaos Orbs. How do you price the value of a Chaos Orb ? Do you think I missed something out of the equation ?



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  1. #1 by Osi on 06/09/2011 - 4:26 am

    I dunno. The Orbs went for 125g on our server for awhile. The last patch saw the price rise to roughly 2k per orb. I personally believe anything over 250g is a scam.

  2. #2 by mstrjonathan on 06/09/2011 - 4:29 am

    On my blacksmith I value my orbs by checking the price of the 365 weapons listed on the auction house. I then subtract out the materials cost. That leaves the crafting fee + orb fee. Currently 365 weapons are listed at 13k. The main material cost other than orbs comes from truegold. Current AH price for truegold on my server is 700. For the sake of argument lets assume the various mats other than truegold add up to 1k. 13000-1000-5600=6400. 6400/5 = 1280 per orb.

    To avoid argument about orb prices I prefer to spam trade with the offer to craft any 365 weapon for 12k using my mats.

    • #3 by wragstoriches on 06/09/2011 - 8:44 am


      thanks for the comments and feedback.

      @mstrjonathon that’s an interesting idea may be worth a shot.

      @Osi thanks for the comment could you expand on why you think anything above 250g is a scam ?

  3. #4 by Johnny on 06/09/2011 - 8:53 am

    I’m just wondering if Blizzard will ever un-bind them. I have 60+ orbs on my hunter (All greed rolls, amazing right?) But it’ll be my alts that will need them most.

  4. #5 by gnome on 06/09/2011 - 10:28 am

    It’s assumed that Blizzard will make Chaos Orbs tradable once a new crafting…object? thing? comes out.

    I paid 3.25k for 5 orbs (that includes my tip, there was no set price per se) today.

  5. #6 by Jo from Turalyon on 06/09/2011 - 2:03 pm

    My tailors make extra dreamcloth, but my leatherworker ends up storing the orbs to craft free of charge for guildies.

    300 gold each sounds like a fair price, but most people are not willing to spend it.
    Also, so many leatherworkers craft the items and put them for sale on AH that there is no profit left there either.

    Summary? My leatherworker skins using the treasure finding potions, sells the leather and scales and sends extra drops to other characters.

    More reliable and more profitable than having to barter with people over a little gold for orbs.

    If I had access to living embers and rare recipes, that would be different, but my guild is at FL 3// and embers are still a rare commodity.

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