The Next Step Week 2

Hi all

So here we are at the end of another week, this week I managed to get on everyday for at least a short period, I have been running the Brewfest dailies and dungeon on my druid who I am working on getting the long strange trip for. I finished the week with a grand total of 286998g 00s 96c in liquid gold. This is an increase of 20983g 79s 45c from last week. This total is on par with last week and I hope to keep it going at this rate.

After last weeks news on epic gems in patch 4.3 and having a few days to review what was known at the time. I decided to spend some of the tokens I had saved up, so I spent 30 tokens on a mixture of Amberjewel, Demonseye, and Ember Topaz patterns. I still have 50 tokens left saved till I know exactly what is happening with the patterns I won’t be using these. I will continue to do my dailies building them up again and purchasing the rest of the patterns I don’t have, in the mean time.

On my scribe I spent just under 7k on herbs this week refilling the glyphs I sold and filling out the Shaman, Warrior, and Warlock glyphs I hadn’t made yet. So I now have all the glyphs stocked to 5 of each type and split over three characters, and a nice pile of Blackfallow inks.

With my Blacksmith I have been doing a good trade in Ebonsteel Belt Buckles again. Although on one night I found some one had posted 100 belt buckles at 99g been undercut by a gold then posted another 100 at 95g so I didn’t post anything that night. The price’s had rebounded to the 150g mark by the following time I got to log in.

On the tailoring front I carried on making Netherweave bags this week I sold 32 of them, with an average of 8g profit on each one. So that’s a nice steady profit on a cheap item to make, that you don’t need to be max level to craft.

Other than this on the profession front I haven’t really done much although I did level up my herbalism to match the zones I was running on my mage. As with all the dungeons I had run was languishing at 150 skill. My mage is now in Outland and starting to run the content their as he is level 58, and plotting the fastest way to run through the content to reach level 68 to move on to WotLK content.

Other than all this I have been doing the brewfest dailies on my druid like I mentioned before and now only need 70 odd tokens to get enough for the outfits to dance drunk in Dalaran. Then hopefully I will have won a mount from the Coren Direbrew holiday boss. Although I’m not to worried as it took me till my last run last year to gain it on my warrior.

One other thing to mention is while you’re in Blackrock you can get the engineering pattern Field Repair Bot 74A and you can grind your Thorium Brotherhood rep up quickly by doing the repeatable quests for Lokhtos Darkbargainer aswell as kills the bosses for large brilliant shards which cold has a good post on here. Any way that’s all I’ve been up to this week in WOW, hopefully this next week will be as profitable.



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