The Next Step Week 3

Hi all

So here we are at the end of another week, this week has been a bit up and down for me. I have managed to get on everyday this week but not for extended periods. I finished the week with a grand total of 319261g 86s 19c this is an increase in liquid gold of 32263g 85s 23c which in turn is an increase of 12k gold over the last couple of weeks. Overall i am very pleased with the increase’s i have seen over the last couple of weeks. I would put this down to streamlining the addons I use, TSM makes posting things so much easier once you have the groups set up in the first place, saving heaps of time. Also the fact that I have I started to use my scribe more which I haven’t really concentrated on since WotLK, making glyphs and listing them for 48hrs without all the cancel relisting nonsense is bringing in lots of steady passive income.

Apart from the glyphs on my scribe I have dabbled in the Mysterious fortune card market a little. It seems that on certain days of the week there is none really listed but at other times there are two competitors who keep the prices down between 6g – 8g keeping all sorts of different stack sizes on the Auction House. I also made some of the darkmoon cards with the Inferno Ink I had saved, I only made 8 but they all sold this week from 500g for the Earthquake deck cards to 900 for the of the winds card for the Tsunami deck.

On my Jewelcrafter I have continued listing my usual gems with lots of steady sales this week. The prices haven’t been quite as high as they usually are, there about 10% lower than usual but the number of sales made has made up for the lower prices. I would expect the prices on gems and Blacksmithing made items to rise slightly over the next week or so if the lack of decently priced Ore on the Auction House continues.

With my Blacksmith I have continued to make my ebonsteel belt buckles and there has been a fair bit of competition in this market this week, overall the prices are rising again though in this market which is always nice. I have also been making Stormforged Shoulders to disenchant for my enchanting.  On my enchanter i have made a few scrolls this week including the likes of  Assassin’s step Lavawalker and Superior Intellect and a few others.I am steadily getting back in to my enchanting building up the scrolls that i produce and sell.

Other than my auction house work I have continued doing the brewfest achievements on my druid, although I managed to do the brewfest achievement on him I didn’t end up with any mounts. Luckily enough you can use the brewfest hops off the vendor as I didn’t have any luck with the RNG. My mage has been steadily leveling through outlands and is now 63 and my warlock is 44. Over the next week I will continue levelling my alts keeping them in rested XP as much as I can, I don’t think I will have as much time to play over the next week so if I can make around 20k in gold again like I had been doing previous to this week I will be pleased.



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