The Wonderer Returns

Hi all

Firstly I’d just like to say sorry for the lack of posts recently but unfortunately real life took over and I haven’t had much spare time to write or log on to WOW.

As you can see from the screenshot at the end of week 4 in the next step series I finished on 338760g 80s 12c this was an increase of 19498g 93s 93c on the previous week. Over the course of that week my main sellers where through inscription and jewelcrafting, although I did carry on selling a fair few Ebonsteel Belt Buckles. Other than this the week was fairly normal on the gold making front, I had noticed a slow down in the Leatherworking Leg armour markets though.

The next thing I did in the following week after logging on for the first time was buy some Elementium Ore. A guildie in one of my alts guilds was looking to sell 100 stacks or more, any way after a bit of chatting and bartering I ended up buying all of the stock which was 400 stacks for 30g a stack for a grand total of 12000g. This was quite a steel as it had been hovering around the 45g mark per stack.  After sorting out all the ore and mailing and posting my auctions I didn’t get much chance to do much else that day, so I logged off.

After this I didn’t get a chance to log on again for over a week due to a bout of sickness that run through my young family, I ended up running round like an old maid for that week so didn’t get anything else done. when I did get the chance to log on again I spent my time sorting my auctions and mail out making sure I wouldn’t lose any items before jumping on my mage to level some more. Between then and this week that it pretty much all I have attempted doing apart from on my druid where I managed to get the Hallowed title so I can continue on my way to The Long Strange Trip achievement.

So now my real life situation has calmed down a little and I have more free time I will be looking to get back in to WOW more and continuing my journey on at the Auction House.  So between the time I have been away and now I have ended up on 351228g 47s 22c this is 12467g 67s 10c difference from where I ended what would have been week 4 of my next steps,  so that is where I will start from again after maintenance on Wednesday the 16th of December.



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