The next steps

Hi all

It was my intention over this period of the last couple of weeks to get back in to WOW more and start preparing for patch 4.3 and restocking many of the materials used to make scrolls, gems, glyphs and armors.  Although I did find more time to get online I didn’t really get as much done as I would have liked so I finished this period with a grand total of 364587g 76s 79c, this is an increase of 13359g 29s 57c.


During this period I used my usual profession of Jewelcrafting and Inscription to make the greater part of my income. The gem market overall seems to slowing as the next patch in 4.3 edges close and the price at which gems are selling is slowly falling but it is still seeing sales. on the Inscription from the prices have been forceably lower on many of them, although I haven’t been around enough to keep a precise eye on the markets in my absence I believe one or two party’s have been trying to wall the markets for glyphs at a price point of 45g each and 35g each. This is nothing new and is fairly regular occurence happening maybe at least once every couple of months when new competitors try to take over the markets. If they continue this and lower the price more I may partake in buying out the stocks of the people attempting this but in the mean time I am happy to continue as I am posting for 48hrs once a every couple of days as and when real life allows me. Other than  this I have noticed the markets for enchants, belt buckles and leg armors have slowed down more but this is to be expected, again with the presence of patch 4.3 looming.

When I have logged on and had chance to play I have been levelling my alts some more and started a couple of new characters on different realms just to get a different taste of things.

On my main realm I now have:

> 85 Warrior

> 85 Druid

> 85 Hunter

>75 Deathknight

>70 Mage

>46 Warlock

>42 Paladin

>32 Priest

>30 Shaman

>17 Rogue

also on other realms I have two deathknights that are level 65 a hunter who’s 29 and a warlock that’s 36.

So that is the state of my affairs at present, with patch 4.3 coming sometime soon I will be collecting more materials to store on the expected rise of prices and lack of materials once the patch has hit and continue to level my alts hopefully getting another two or three to max level before Mist of Pandaria is released.



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