The Next Steps the last week of patch 4.2

Hi all

So here we are at the end of patch 4.2 in the cataclysm. Firelands has come and gone and now the raiding community is ready to move on and kill Deathwing. This week for me has been a slow and steady week on the auction house front, I have been picking and choosing what I post as the prices fall as they always do pre a patch. In total I ended up with 377541g 17s 83c in liquid gold once I had collected my sales for the week. This is an increase in my liquid wealth of 12953g 41s 04c . Overall I am not to displeased with this as it has been a quite week and I haven’t gone all out with everything I usually craft, you can see some of my other weeks if you look through the archives here and here.

On my jewelcrafter I have been neglecting the jewelcrafting daily of late. So I have 52 tokens saved up ready for the new Epic patterns that are planned for release, although I am still a little sceptical over this hole deal, as although Alchemy patterns for the transmutes have been scene on the PTR nothing solid has come through as to the materials needed. If they are not added the gems that do filter through will be expensive, competition will be fierce and any JC’s that are part of a raid group will probably have control over the market as they would be the first port of call for any raiders who wanted gems cutting. At least until the markets settle after the release of patch 4.3 and the most progressive raiders fill out their gear slots.

On the Inscription front I have picked up a few herbs needed to restock my glyphs and prices have risen again slowly from the attempted walling of the market. One item I have had a bit of luck with this week is the Runescroll of Fortitude II. This may be a good seller when the LFR tool is launched along side the new 5 man instance.

Other than this I have been enjoying the new tabard that Blizzard has gave everyone for there 7 year anniversary. My mage is now 71 and my Shaman is 36.

That would have been where I finished this week and was all set for 4.3 with my stacks of gems cut and spare raws, enchants prepared and belt buckles made as well as stacks of ore ready to be used where needed. Until I replied to a interesting shout out that I saw in trade. After some consultation and consideration with some people this turned in to a interesting transaction. But given the significance of it I will be talking about this in a separate post.



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